The return of the banknotes in francs (1960-1967)  (1960-1967)

The year 1963 definitely marks the return to the franc. The Bank of France is therefore obliged to gradually replace its entire range of banknotes in order to take into account this new monetary unit. Thus, between 1962 and 1966, four new denominations denominated in francs were born and in the following creation order: the 50 francs Type 1962 Racine (Pick : #148), the 10 francs Type 1963 Voltaire (Pick : #147), the 100 francs Type 1964 Corneille (Pick : #149) and the 5 francs Type 1966 Pasteur (Pick : #146). These notes are still largely based on the previous issue and are in the continuation of the French banknote school: a famous French character is printed identically on both sides of the note and the individual is represented in a familiar environment or having a symbolic relationship with his life course. Two artists share the design of the banknotes: Jean Lefeuvre for 10 francs Voltaire and 100 francs Corneille and Pierrette Lambert for 50 francs Racine and 5 francs Pasteur. The latter, despite being the last note issued in the series will be quickly replaced by a 5 franc coin. From now on, no more notes of 5 francs will be issued by the Bank of France. It will be necessary to wait for the arrival of the euro to find a banknote containing again this value facial!

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