France - Treasury banknotes

The French Treasury notes were issued largely during the war periods of the first half of the twentieth century. First of all, during the First World War appear the issues of the Treasury army (1917-1919), the series of notes in support of the Republic of Korçë (1916-1920)or the Bulgarian notes overprinted for Thrace Interalliée (1919-1920). After 1918, we see the creation of the occupation broadcasts as for the territory of Memel (1922) or the banknotes of the R.C.F.T.O (Franco-Belgian Railways Administration in occupied German territory). Then, at the end of the Second World War, this is the issues for Central Treasury (1943-1945), the Bank of Algeria overprinted TREASURY (1943-1945) and the American impressions (1943-1945) were issued in circulation during the reconquest of France. After the end of the war, several broadcasts were made available to the armed forces occupying the liberated territories: the French Treasury (1947), the Public Treasury (1955-1963), the Saarland (1947) and the notes issued of the Crisis of Suez (1956). A growing number of collectors are now looking for these still quite rare banknotes, the quantities of which are still unknown for many issues! Beautiful surprises await us for all these war banknotes.

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France - Treasury banknotes
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