French Treasury notes of the First World War

This section is devoted to the notes used by the French armies on the various European battlefields during the First World War. A first issue is created on the national territory and concerns the notes of the Treasury to the armies (1917-1919). Then the French troops of the Army of the East support an autonomous territory located in the south-east of Albania and proclaimed Republic of Korytza or Korçë (1916-1920). In 1918, a conflict broke out with Bulgaria, who was accused of having chosen the enemy camp. The Eastern army liberates Western Thrace (now Eastern Macedonia). During this short occupation, Bulgarian banknotes are overprinted for Thrace Interalliée (1919-1920). All these issues are now more than 100 years old. They represent today the illustrated memory of a historical epoch and deserve to have a particular place in a serious collection devoted to the French banknotes of the First World War.

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