Banknotes of Thrace interalliee 1919-1920  (1919-1920)

In 1918, a conflict broke out with Bulgaria, who was accused of having chosen the enemy camp. The Eastern army liberates Western Thrace (located today in East Macedonia). The region is renamed "Thrace Interalliée" and goes under Allied military mandate for a period of 7 months. During this short occupation, it was decided a monetary issue using Bulgarian notes dated 1916. As a precaution and to avoid any speculation on the Bulgarian currency that can return en masse in Western Thrace, the notes are overprinted: 1 Lev Srebo 1919 (Pick : S101), 2 Leva Srebo 1919 (Pick: S102), 5 Leva Srebo 1919 (Pick: S105), 20 Leva Zlato 1919 (Pick: S111), 50 Leva Ziatni 1919 (Pick: S112) and 100 Leva Zlato 1919 (Pick : S113). The 20, 50 and 100 Leva banknotes are overprinted with an oval dry embossed stamp composed of a double grenetis and bearing the inscription "Thrace interralliée". This stamp is affixed to a stamp glued to the note, representing the sitting Republic holding a lictor beam. On the left of the figure, the letter A and to the right, the letter O (Army of Orient) and below the title: "Thrace International". The 1 Lev and 2 Leva 1919 notes we have in our catalog are overprinted differently. All these banknotes are particularly rare and have not yet been found and / or listed.

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