Banknotes bank of Algeria overprinted TRESOR 1943  (1943-1945)

During the reconquest of France, Corsica is the first part of the territory to be liberated. The resumption of the control of the fiduciary circulation is the priority of the French Committee of National Liberation, the provisional government established in Algiers. The objective is first to prevent the enemy from reintroducing banknotes left in his possession and then to restore the monetary situation of the island. By an order published October 2, 1943, all the notes of 500, 1000 and 5000 francs issued by the Bank of France are withdrawn and replaced by notes of 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 francs issued by the Central Treasury of the French Committee of National Liberation. The troops landed in Ajaccio on September 12 with these notes, of which only one is truly new, the 100 francs Marianne Type 1943 (Pick #105) printed in England. The other denominations are notes of the Bank of Algeria which have been overprinted "Treasury" and intended only for this military campaign of Corsica:the500 francs Algeria overprinted Type 1943(Pick #111),the1000 francs Algeria overprinted Type 1943 (Pick #112) and the 5000 francs Algeria overprinted Type 1943 (Pick #113). In total, 3.2 billion francs of new notes are issued. All these notes are withdrawn from circulation at the December 31, 1945 exchange for new notes issued by the Banque of France.

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