Memel Territory 1922  (1922)

Since 1919, the city of Memel and its surroundings are separated from Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. Following the conference of Ambassadors and under the authority of the interallied commission, France is responsible for administering this territory which is occupied from 1920. It is during this occupation that it was decided an issue of 9 local banknotes (or Notgeld) denominated in Mark, being the following values: 50 Pfennig, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 75 and 100 mark. This issue is commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce of Mémel's territory and printed in Munich by the printer Parcis. The notes are mainly written in German, but include the following French words: "Authorized: Memel, February 22, 1922, the High Commissioner Representative of the Allied Powers". These notes have two varieties of watermark: a type with "ripples" and a type with "chain rings". This ephemeral issue is not very rare except for big values ​​above 20 mark.

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