Bank of Canada (1954-1967)  (1954-1967)

1954 Issue: HRH Elizabeth II and Canadian landscapes ... In 1952, the sudden death of King George VI precipitated the creation of a new issue of Canadian banknotes. The allegories present in the two previous series of 1935 and 1937 disappear definitively from the backs in favor of scenes of iconic landscapes of Canada. The portrait of the new Queen Elizabeth II is used for the first time, but the figure is symbolically shifted to the right of the note, to avoid wear of the portrait due to folding during daily use of the notes. When the first series of notes is issued, a sudden controversy comes embarrassing the Government and the Bank of Canada, because the public notes that the curly hair of the Queen seem to contain an image of a demonic face. To permanently end the controversy, the reflections and shading of the hair will be corrected in 1956 during a new issue. In the continuity of the 1937 issue, the banknotes still have a unique number, but for the first time the damaged bills are replaced by identical notes with a red asterisk in front of the number on the left side of the note.

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