Bank of Canada (1986-1991)  (1986-1991)

"The Birds of Canada" Series. The early 1980s marked the appearance of the first color printers and photocopiers. Its technological advances are taken very seriously by the Bank of Canada in the development of this new series of seven denominations. Thus, to avoid any threat of counterfeiting, a changing color holographic rectangle is for the first time added to the values ​​of 20, 50, 100 and 1000 Dollars. The appearance of a barcode on the back finally allows the blind to better recognize the banknote in hand. Micro-characters of letters and patterns are also appearing. This very homogeneous series presents values ​​and portraits redesigned and enlarged in the vignette on the front. Each note is perfectly recognizable by its dominant main color. The theme of the reverse on Canadian birds is primarily chosen for political neutrality. It is the artist-naturalist John Crosby who is responsible for the design of the illustrations with a very refined final render. With a 1 dollar coin in circulation, the 1 dollar bill is no longer useful and disappears permanently under pressure from Canadian authorities. This series will also be the last to carry $ 2 and $ 1,000 bills.

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