Add your interesting banknotes, and together we'll build the world's largest banknote collection!



Adding a banknote to your inventory is easy.

Click on the "Add" button, select your images (front/back), fill in the missing information and validate!

Your banknote will immediately be visible in Numizon's inventory.


  • You can add a new copy to any banknote.
  • Entry is automated for banknotes recognized by Numizon.
    • You have 4 tabs to complete the addition of a banknote to the inventory:
  1. Add a photo of the front and back of a banknote via: banknote photo, PMG certification search or URL search.
  2. Fill in the banknote characteristics: country, face value, denomination, reference, issue date, series and number.
  3. Describe banknote quality: Grade Company, quality and descriptive comments.
  4. Confirm the addition of the banknote.

This addition will be assigned to your account (public information on the site). You can choose whether this addition remains anonymous.