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In this catalog, we have created an illustrated banknote sheet for each banknote in the world.

Banknotes are categorized by Country.

Use the filter to select a country and you will find all the banknotes of the country (well almost!).

Then select a banknote to view its file.

Its file contains :

  • The name of banknote
  • A front/back illustration
  • The characteristics of its variants (date, signatures, alphabet, etc.)
  • The degrees of rarity of its variants.
  • A description of the design of the banknote (sometimes)

From this file, you have access to the EBAY ads that offer this banknote for sale, to the sale archives of this banknote and to the inventory of rare copies found.

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If you are interested in the banknote, click on the small bell to put it on alert. So if a new announcement arrives, you will be notified!

Si le billet vous intéresse, cliquez sur la petite cloche pour le mettre en alerte. Ainsi si une nouvelle annonce arrive, vous serez avertis !

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