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Faroe Islands
100 krónur type 1949

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11 June 2021 03:34
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21 June 2021 03:34
50 $
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Faroe Islands
100 krónur type 1949
Pick : #15 , TBB : B201
Issuing Authority:
Faeroe Islands Government (1950-1994)
Seller description

1954 Banknote From Faeroe Islands Ten Kronur Currency Pick#14c Crisp Uncirculated For your World Currency Collection-1741 Details Description: A beautiful crisp uncirculated banknote from the Faeroe Islands. This is the 10 Kronur currency note issued in 1954 and has the date 12 April 1949. The note is black on orange underprint showing arms to the left of the front. The arms having a sheep or ram. The back is orange in color and shows a rural scene consisting of a cluster of houses with hills in the background. The note has the signatures of M Wahl and PM Dam making this banknote Pick# 14c. It has a watermark showing the number 10 throughout the note. The note shows the denomination, two signatures, and the serial number on the front. The back displays only the denomination. This particular note has the serial number 5637814. Please carefully review the scans as they are part and parcel of our description. Date: Although the note displays the date 12 April 1949, which is the date o…