10,000 francs type 1945 Génie français

The January 1947 banknotes!

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Too big banknote ...

The 10,000 francs type 1945 Génie français (Ref. Fayette / Dessal: # F.50, Pick: # 132), designed by Sébastien Laurent and engraved by Piel and Bertrand, was issued over 11 years from December 27, 1945 to June 7 1956. With 4 signature variants, 11,862 alphabets and 81 references (1), this banknote alone is a collection within the collection!

But its high face value, its imposing size of 220 x 120 mm combined with a late entry into circulation quickly made it a note totally outdated for its time. If we look at the collection point of view, it was therefore impossible, from the start of the program, to hope to keep copies in excellent condition over time! The figures are also very significant ... We currently have 849 banknotes in archives (2), but few banknotes referenced in good quality!

Two new banknotes for the inventory!

Two years of emissions are particularly rarer than the others. The year 1945 first of all with 24 copies listed in the Fayette / Kajacques inventory. But it is the year 1947 which is the rarest with two issue dates of January 2, 1947 and January 9, 1947! Concerning these two dates, a Numizon subscriber has just sent us two new banknotes from his collection and to bring to the attention of the inventory ... This is the copy dated January 2, 1947, numbered N .431 - 858 in VG grade and the copy dated January 9, 1947, numbered P.445 - 565 in VF- grade. The two banknotes, already very tired, are marked by an unfortunate restoration, especially with regard to the note dated January 2, 1947! (see photos below).



January 2, 1947 banknotes

Series 409 to 432. Below is the list of the 13 banknotes known to date:

F.50.182-1-1947G.409376VF-Fayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.182-1-1947V.410545XF-Fayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.182-1-1947K.411782F+Fayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.182-1-1947V.418080VFFayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.182-1-1947H.419023?Fayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.182-1-1947T.419050F+cgb.fr, Paper-Money #25, 2013 (Lot #p25_0253)
F.50.182-1-1947C.421489GCurrently for sale on ebay!
F.50.182-1-1947K.421951F+Fayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.182-1-1947N.423980VF-Fayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.182-1-1947A.425580VFcgb.fr, Paper-Money #11, 2008 (Lot #p11_0363)
F.50.182-1-1947A.425581VF-cgb.fr, e-billets 2016 (Lot #4070271)
F.50.182-1-1947E.430254G+cgb.fr, Paper-Money #28, 2014 (Lot #p28_0306)
F.50.182-1-1947N.431858VGNumizon inventory. Restored note.

January 9, 1947 banknotes

Series from 433 to 456. Below, the list of the 11 banknotes known to date:

ReferenceDateSeriesNumberGradeSource (3)
F.50.199-1-1947U.438545VFFayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.199-1-1947H.441952FFayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.199-1-1947D.444396VFFayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.199-1-1947F.444108F+cgb.fr, e-billets 2017 (Lot #4100243)
F.50.199-1-1947P.445565VF-Numizon inventory. Restored note.
F.50.199-1-1947W.447829VGcgb.fr, Paper-Money #11, 2008 (Lot #p11_0364)
F.50.199-1-1947C.449707VGFayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.199-1-1947G.451252VF+Fayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.199-1-1947A.453844VF-Fayette / kajacques inventory
F.50.199-1-1947V.454444VF-cgb.fr, e-billets 2016 (Lot #4070272)
F.50.199-1-1947N.455658FFayette / kajacques inventory


(1) Either as much as the 81 references of the 3 types of the 100 francs Luc Olivier Merson: 16 references for the 100 francs Luc Olivier Merson without LOM type 1906 (F.23), 16 references for the 100 francs Luc Olivier Merson Grands Cartouches type 1906 (F.24) and 49 references for the 100 francs Luc Olivier Merson type 1906 modified (F.25).
(2) cgb.fr has 900 banknotes in archives with a roughly similar breakdown of states. 2,291 copies are pointed out by Kajacques Numismatique.
(3) In the absence of photos, we have reported (without being able to verify them) the copies of the Fayette / Kajacques inventory which indicates 12 banknotes known for the reference F.50.18 and 10 known banknotes for the reference F.50.19.


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