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The 10 cent note was issued during the Second World War by the French Indochina Administration to compensate for the lack of coins in circulation. The banknote is small (105L x 55H mm). It was designed by G. Barrière and printed by the Imprimerie de l'Extreme Orient (IDEO) in Hanoi by decree of October 3, 1939 and put into circulation February 15, 1940. The banknote has three variants of signatures with the Treasurer Paying General and the Director of Finance:

  1. Signatures # 1: Emile Henry / Yves Cazaux.
  2. Signatures # 2: Louis Mayet / Yves Cazaux.
  3. Signatures # 3: Louis Mayet / Jean Cousin.

25,000,000 denominations were printed for each of its three variants. The decrees of February 17, 1940 and February 26, 1941 authorize a second issue of 20,000,000 additional piastres in notes of 10 cents. The bill is reddish brown. On the front, the wording on two lines "GENERAL GOVERNMENT OF INDOCHINA", the value "10 CENTS" in the center then the mention "PAYABLE TO THE BEARER IN INDOCHIN IN CASH" and the signatures printed in black. The numbering is printed in black in the center. In illustration, we can see on the left a bas-relief with two women dancing and on the right a real dancer. In the middle of the note, under the value, we can see a statue of Chinthe, a lion-like creature symbolically keeping the entrance to the temples. At the far end, there is Angkor Wat, the biggest temples of the monumental complex of Angkor in Cambodia. On the back, in a frame, the value "10" repeated left and right, a market scene with men mounted on elephants and Article 139 of the Penal Code. The bill has no date and is not watermarked. Replacement notes have the letter "W". References: KM.196 or Pick # 85. The different variants for the Pick:

  1. P.85a. Signatures # 1. Number "000000 A" and a letter in capital. Ticket issued in 1940.
  2. P.85b. Lao text added to the back. Signatures # 1. Number and a letter "000000 A". Ticket issued in 1940.
  3. P.85c. Signatures # 2. Number and two letters "000000 AA". Ticket issued in 1942.
  4. P.85d. Signatures # 3. Number and two letters "000000 AA". Ticket issued in 1943.
  5. P.85e. Signatures # 3. Two letters and number "AA 000.000". Ticket issued in 1943.

The banknote "UA 423.741" which illustrates this article is a classic "error" listed for the type, but more spectacular than the ones we usually see! The note sold for $ 115 on ebay in August 2019. Note that in 2005, during the sale "Paper-Money # 5", cgb.fr sold a lot # p05_0346 of four notes of the same reference (Pick.85e) and all with the same number "SE 423.287" close to our note error!

Note: for signature variant # 2, note that the General Treasurer replaces the General Paymaster Treasurer.

10 Cent Indochine française fauté
10 Cents Indochine verso

ebay sale:

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