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Discover the most beautiful banknote of 2019 and the new series!

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The 100 florin type 2019 is the Bank Note of the Year 2019

As a member of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS), we were asked during March to elect the most beautiful banknote of the year 2019 among the 22 notes selected for the prestigious "Bank Note of the Year Award ”. (1)

For the first participation of the Central Bank of Aruba in this competition, the 100 florin type 2019 wins the prize! The rewarded note is the 4th copy of a new series of 5 denominations issued on June 3, 2019. The 100 florin is dated January 1, 2019. It has a vertical composition and its dimensions are 74 x 148 mm. By comparison, it is a little longer than the 20-euro note. The front is illustrated by a green iguana (Iguana iguana), a species of arboreal and herbivorous lizards very present in South and Central America. Above the iguana, a golden OVI (2) with the head of a parrot. All texts are in Dutch. The numbering is repeated twice in black and has a prefix "A" before a 7-digit number. The watermark is made up of an owl head and electrotype bank logo. In the upper part, above this watermark, is represented an Anolis lineatus, a kind of small Caribbean saurian identifiable by the pocket present at the level of its throat. At the bottom of the composition, an Aloe vera plant on which we can distinguish a new security process composed of a moving strip called 3D MOTION SURFACE ® and designed by Crane Currency, the American company which was in charge of the overall printing of this new series. The note is signed by The President of the Central Bank of Aruba, Jeanette R. Semeleer and by The Director, Miriam Gonzales. The back of the note is illustrated by a group of six women performing the "baile di cinta", a traditional folk dance of the ribbon in Aruba. Above the stage, a second iguana seems to be placed on the watermark. Discover the note in detail below:


A series on the theme of "Life in Aruba"

The other banknotes of this new series (10, 25, 50 and 200 florin) would also have undoubtedly won hands down the price of the most beautiful banknote, as this magnificent series is aesthetically homogeneous. After several years of research and reflection, this new range of banknotes is finally replacing an already 27-year-old series! (3)

The new series was conceived on the theme of "Life in Aruba" and each note thus includes emblematic elements of the flora and fauna, cultural heritage and historical monuments of the country. This series also called “Stars of Aruba” presents a new denomination with a note of 200 florin type 2019 to replace the 500 florin type 1993 (Pick Pick: # 15 or TBB: # B115).

Presentation of the other banknotes in the series

The 4 banknotes have the same characteristics as the 100 florin: dimensions, signatures, creation and issue date, security signs and watermark.



(1) Read our news from March 17, 2020: "The banknote of the year 2019?".
(2) OVI (for Optically variable ink): a color surface printed with this special ink changes according to the optical orientation of the note. Also known as color-changing ink, this technique has long been used to deter and combat counterfeiting of banknotes.
(3) For information, the two issues of 1993 and 2003-2012 will remain exchangeable for 30 years at the counters of the Central Bank of Aruba.

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