100 francs type 1882

12th copy found for the year 1885!

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The collection of banknotes from the Banque de France is enriched with a new copy for the 19th century! This time, it is a 100-franc note 1882 type “with open watermark” or more commonly called 100 francs “Baudry” (1). The note, in VF/XF grade, is numbered "S.776-485" and is dated June 12, 1885. It is the 12th note known for the year and the 98th copy for the entire inventory.

Description: the note was issued from January 2, 1882 to September 11, 1888 and deprived of legal tender on January 2, 1923. Designed by artist Paul Baudry and engraved by Robert. Its dimensions are 180 x 112 mm. Printer: Bank of France. Material: Paper. Watermark: Profile of Ceres in negative on the left and profile of Mercury in positive on the right. Colors front and back: Printing in "celestial" blue (2). The amount authorized for creation was 41,875,000 banknotes, or 1,675 alphabets of 25 letters (1,000 banknotes per letter). The specimen of the banknote does not seem to exist ... Only single-sided proofs dated February 31, 1882, August 15, 1882 and April 31, 1884 are known.



Inventory from the year 1885 to date

F.A48.05January 24, 1885M.660473VF+
F.A48.05January 30, 1885N.665137VG
F.A48.05February 5, 1885M.670142VF
F.A48.05February 26, 1885A.688172G+
F.A48.05March 14, 1885L.702269VF-
F.A48.05March 23, 1885P.709807G
F.A48.05May 1st, 1885N.741507G+
F.A48.05June 12, 1885L.776246F+
F.A48.05June 12, 1885S.776485VF/XF
F.A48.05June 20, 1885Q.783692VF
F.A48.05October 23, 1885P.849743F-
F.A48.05November 20, 1885A.873515F+

Known signatures

There are four variations of signatures:

  • De Jancigny - A. Mignot (from 01/02/1882 to 01/10/1882),
  • F. Carré - A. Mignot (from 02/11/1882 to 12/31/1885),
  • F. Carré - E. Bertin (from 01/02/1886 to 07/13/1888),
  • Billotte - E. Bertin (from 07/16/1888 to 09/11/1888).

Banknote price

The 100 francs type 1882 is quoted € 1,500 in G grade, € 2,700 in F grade, € 4,300 in VF grade and € 7,500 in XF grade (2).


(1) Known references: Fayette-Dessal: # F.A48.05 or Pick: # 63b.
(2) The printing in black was quickly abandoned by the Bank of France because counterfeiters had seized the daguerreotype process which made it possible to fix an image on a metal support in a darkroom.

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