100 francs type 1927 French Guiana

Unexpected high grade for a note!

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If we look for a moment at the photos of the two banknotes below, we can quickly deduce that it is one and the same banknote ... a 100 francs type 1927 from the Bank of Guiana (1).


What a degrading restoration!

8 months and 17 days, however, separate the photo on the left from the photo on the right. It is indeed the same note but the one on the left was sold in flattened F grade for € 680 during the August 2020 Internet Auction Banknotes at cgb.fr (Lot # 4400386).


Regarding the photo on the right, this is the same note that will be offered today in Auction # 21008, World Banknotes at Spink (Lot # 174). However, we would like to draw your attention to the grade of this banknote! The latter is graded PMG holder, restoration 40 Extremely Fine ... with a starting price of £ 700 (estimate £ 1,000 to £ 1,300).


Fight together!

It is a Numizon subscriber who allowed us to make a comparison with another sale of a 500 mils type 1945 Palestine which we had echoed to you in an article published in September 2020. In both cases, the 500 mils type 1945 and the 100 francs type 1927 were purchased by the same customer. But for two copies identified as "hacked", how many other tampered banknotes have unfortunately already entered the collector's files? The 100 francs type 1927, like the 500 mils type 1945, are too rare banknotes to undergo such degradations which have only one financial goal. Although the word "Restoration" is indicated on the back of the holder, it is obvious that the poor 100 franc note has been completely washed and ironed. The folds have completely disappeared ... Hence the note "40" attributed by PMG, who perhaps considered that the note had been restored? On reading these lines, we hope that the grading company will be able to shed some light on this case as well as on the previous one ...

It is together that we must detect and combat this kind of practices which are very damaging to our fascinating collection!

To conclude, we send a message to the author (2) of these terrible degradations to point out to him that it was undoubtedly in his karma to have chosen a note representing a bust of a woman holding "the hand of Justice". .. a scepter symbol of judicial authority!


(1) Catalog references: Pick # 8f, The Banknote Book # B210f, Kolsky K210f. The note bears the signatures of Hallenguen, Constantin and St Clair. The 100 francs type 1927 is rare ... only few notes are known.
(2) Nickname: "pmg70star".


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