100 francs type 1944 "Flag back"

Focus on the block "XS" with the score and grades known to date.

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Looking at the listings this morning on Numizon, we stumbled upon an ebay sale of a 100 francs type 1944 "Flag back" (1). It has the replacement letter "X" and is offered at $ 75 by an American seller in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The grade of the note is unfortunately very average with a lack in the right margin, stains and obvious signs of movement:



The 100 francs type 1944 "Flag back", block "XS" remains very rare!

We judge this note in between "VG" and "F" grade. FYI, the rating in the French reference book (2) is € 40 in VG grade and € 100 in F grade. The price seems very correct for a banknote that we rank among the rarest notes about Americans Impressions for France between 1944 and 1945. Of course, a fortuitous finding of a large number of notes of this type remains possible, but our collaborator Yann-Noël Hénon has been watching this bill since the early 2000s and it's only ... the 22nd copy he meets! Many American and European collectors have been looking for this war note for a long time and know perfectly well the difficulty of finding a copy even in average grade. So do not hesitate when the opportunity arises and especially at a low price!

The Numizon inventory

22 copies known to date:

Block XS 00094979 (VG grade for sale $ 50 on ebay, May 2019).

Block XS 00295479 (XF grade for sale € 270 by Numiscollection, May 2009, lot: # 53934).

Block XS 00340078 (VF/XF grade for sale € 185 on ebay, February 2015).

Block XS 00343340 (F/VF for sale $ 400 by LKCA, May 2010, Lot # 2203).

Block XS 00396870 (VG for sale on ebay, November 2013).

Block XS 00401305 (F for sale € 75 by Numiscollection, March 2018, lot: # 100103636).

Block XS 00525712 (F/VF for sale € 100 by Numiscollection, May 2008, lot: # 38032).

Block XS 00535901 (VF grade, banknote in private collection).

Block XS 00552546 (F/VF grade for sale € 220 by Patrick Guillard, July 2012).

Block XS 00552554 (VG for sale by Heritage Auctions, January 2012, lot # 19063).

Block XS 00576674 (F/VF grade for sale on ebay, July 2010).

Block XS 00577581 (F/VF for sale $ 705 by Heritage Auctions, Sept 2014, Lot # 26404).

Block XS 00577876 (F/VF in photo on the website "kajacques.fr", November 2018).

Block XS 00590166 (VF/XF for sale € 240 by cgb.fr, Banknotes # 37, 2004, lot: b37_4088).

Block XS 00601934 (Note mentioned in WWII Military Currency, F. Schwan and Joseph E. Boling).

Block XS 00608769 (AU, the most popular note illustrates the Type on the FBOW website).

Block XS 00663907 (F/VF grade for sale $ 213 on ebay, June 2015).

Block XS 00713038 (VG for sale on ebay).

Block XS 00741669 (XF for sale € 270 by cgb.fr, E-Banknotes, October 2017, lot: # 4160306).

Block XS 00794675 (F grade sold on US ebay, March 2011).

Block XS 00884040 (Note mentioned in "Remembered WWII", F. Schwan and Joseph E. Boling).

Block XS 00884279 (F sold € 118 by cgb.fr, Paper-Money # 24, 2013, lot: # p24_0376).


(1) References: Fayette-Dessal: # VF.20.3, Pick: # P118r, Schwan-Boling: # 146r.
(2) "La cote des billets", 2019 edition by MM. Claude Fayette and Jean-Marc Dessal.
(3) Attention: the grades of the banknotes are those announced by the sellers (private or professional).

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