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A 100 Piastres = 100 Kips Type 1954 note (Ref: Kolsky: # 915, TBB: # 412 or Pick: # 103) is currently for sale (1) on ebay. The banknote is in good grade (2), which is not frequent! It is above all a copy numbered "A.1 - 10422" ...

Detailed specifications

Bank of Indochina. Issuing Institute of the States of Cambodia, Laos and Viet-Nam. Dimensions: 170 x 107 mm. Undated. Watermark: elephant head. Printer: Bank of France. Multicolored front and back printing. Description of the front: a floral frame with three standing women symbolizing Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Palm leaves and village along the water in the background. Combination of signatures: The Chairman, Gaston Cusin and One Administrator, Le Ky Huong. Description of the back: a flowering tree and a traditional pagoda in the background. On the right in the foreground, a young woman in traditional costume carries a bowl containing roses during the Lao pee-mai (New Year's celebration). Texts and names in Laotian / Vietnamese / Khmer. No security thread. The known series: A.1 to W.8.



Indicative quotes and precedents ...

Quotes: UNC: € 500 / XF: € 300 € / VF: € 110

And to enlighten you for comparison:

1) The numbered copy "A.1 - 68303" in F+ grade has realized the price of € 90 at, date and sale not indicated (lot # b67_0442).

2) The numbered copy "A.1 - 91906" in VF grade achieved the price of € 330 at during the Live-auctions e-banknotes in November 2016 (lot # 4090570).

3) As the above note already reaches $ 318, we indicate for more modest purses or for the most opportunistic ... a numbered copy "A.1 - 49733" on sale at € 95 in buy it now in F grade on ebay (eBay item number: # 323698812299)!

Few sales records among professionals

A precise score for this banknote has not yet been made by our team of experts. We did not find any sales at Stack's Bowers, but only 8 sales found at Heritage Auctions as well as at (see search results below) and 8 copies are for immediate purchase on ebay including a specimen copy. Our search was carried out using the combination of words: "French Indochina 100 Piastres ND 1953 Pick 103" with displayed prices ranging from $ 175 to ... $ 1500 for a copy numbered "F.4 - 73810" graded PMG 58 Choice About UNC (eBay item number: # 153589973469)!

Search results in the Heritage Auctions sales archives:


Search results in the sales archives:


French grades conversion: B = VG, TB = F, TTB = VF, SUP = XF, SPL = AU and NEUF = UNC.


(1) The sale ends today Monday, August 31, 2020 at 5:57PM!
(2) We classify the note between XF and XF/AU with traces of manipulation and flattened vertical fold visible on the photos of the sale.

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