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A banknote 1000 francs Algérie type 1926 has been sold on October 23th, 2021 2.640 USD on Heritage auction. For this price, of course, it was PMG 50, a rare quality for this type.


Here is a small study on this note.

It was issued alternately for Algeria (Pick 83) and for Tunisia (Pick 11) but with only one numbering sequence: the Tunisia issues have a TUNISIA vertical overprint in black.

3 issue years with a combination of signatures of each of them.

  • 1926: Penalva / Picard / Moyse.
  • 1938: Penalva / Escallier / Archambaud.
  • 1939: Sebald / Escallier / De Roux.

250 alphabets issued including 47 overprinted for Tunisia.


The TUNISIA overprint is on the left for 1926 (same overprint as the series of XIX century banknotes) and on the right for 1938 and 1939.

With only 6 alphabets, TUNISIA type with left overprint is very rare.

We have on Numizon, 86 notes representing all month of emissions (see list below).


For the moment, we do not detect any series: Can we conclude that there is no big find ?

Finally, we discovery a strange thing, out of more than 6,000,000 banknotes issued, we have 2 banknotes of the alphabet A.166 (Tunisia) which have a very similar number, but due to a big gap in quality, they certainly do not come from the same source.


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