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Discovery in Belgium of a 5th copy for the year 1878!

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The banknote of the month!

A copy of 1,000 francs type 1862 “Bleu” (Ref. Fayette-Dessal # F.A41.14, Pick # 54c) has just been discovered in Belgium. Its inventor posted the photos on Facebook on the evening of April 21, 2021! This is the 5th copy for the year 1878 and the 24th known for the type. The note is dated May 4, 1878, numbered W.311 - 519 and bears the signatures of Marsaud (The Secretary General), De Jancigny (The Controller) and Mignot (The Principal Cashier). We estimate this note in VF grade. Estimate (1): € 6,000.00 in VG grade and € 10,000.00 in VF grade! Nice find ...



A copy of the same year in VF grade and numbered Q.311 - 534 sold for € 5,400 at cgb.fr in October 2017 (Lot # 4160012). It is therefore a safe bet that we will soon find this marvelous note in a sale, in any case we hope so ... unless a collector gets hold of it first! To learn more about this rare 19th century banknote, read our article published on January 30, 2020!

The inventory to date for the year 1878

ReferenceDateSerieSNumberGradeSource (2)
F.A41.14May 2, 1878Q.311534VFcgb.fr, Live Auction Banknotes October 2017 (Lot # 4160012).
F.A41.14May 2, 1878W.311519VF ?Discovered in Belgium in April 2021.
F.A41.143 Mai 1878C.312659F+Collection of the Alfred-Danicourt Museum in Peronne.
F.A41.14May 4, 1878W.313519VFFayette inventory.
F.A41.14May 7, 1878F.315297VF+Fayette inventory.


(1) “La cote des billets”, 2019 edition by MM. Claude Fayette and Jean-Marc Dessal (cf. pages 118-119).
(2) Fayette editions website: inventory of rare banknotes for the type.


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