1,000 francs type 1889 "Bleu et rose"

Discovery of a 3rd copy for the year 1907!

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Exceptional quality and longevity!

It is one of the rare banknotes issued by the Bank of France to have circulated both in the 19th century and in the 20th century. Put into circulation in February 1890, the 1000 francs Type 1889 "Bleu et rose" (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.36 or Pick: # 67) remained in the French wallet until October 1933, almost a half a century ... In other words, an eternity for a banknote whose imposing dimensions have not helped to facilitate its state of conservation. Similar in size to the 1000 francs Type 1927 "Ceres and Mercury" (235 x 130 mm), but smaller than its "little brother", the 500 francs Type 1888 "Blue and pink" (242 x 140 mm) and the 5000 Type 1918 "Flameng”, which remains by far the largest French banknote issued (lengthwise) with a format of 256 x 128 mm!

The copy that we have the pleasure to present to you below is classified in VF/XF grade, numbered “Q.590-473” and dated May 17, 1907. By combining the points mentioned at the beginning of the article (dimension + longevity) and a paper known to be very fresh, the state of conservation of our note can therefore be described as miraculous for the Type.

This wonder bill will make a remarkable entry in the inventory, thus becoming the third known banknote for the year 1907, but also one of the most beautiful copies referenced, all dates combined! So open your eyes wide and enjoy without moderation ...



Inventory update

The note becomes the 151st copy to enter the score. The banknotes of the year 1907:

36/2117/05/1907Q.590473Pr SUP

Additional information for the year 1907:

  • Reference: Fayette-Dessal: # F.36.21 or Pick: # 67f.
  • Number of alphabets: 17 (578 to 594).
  • Date of Issue: May 2 to May 23, 1907.
  • Issued notes: 425,000 copies.
  • Signatures: E. Picard / Frachon / D'Anfreville.
  • Quote 2019: G (€ 1500), F (€ 2500), VF (€ 3500), XF (€ 6000), AU (-).
  • Quote 2007: G (€ 1300), F (€ 2300), VF (€ 3300), XF (-), AU (-).



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