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Two exceptional banknotes on sale!

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H. Saurin / A. Dejouany.

Two exceptional banknotes will go on sale Tuesday, May 11, 2021 from 2 p.m. in the “Internet Auction Banknotes May 2021” sale of the company cgb.fr. These are two banknotes of 1,000 francs type 1933 from the Bank of Madagascar (1) dated 11-7-1933, respectively numbered B.3 - 786 in VF grade (Lot # 4460515), F.4 - 859 in F/VF grade (Lot # 4460516) and comprising the first combination of H. Saurin / A. Dejouany signatures ... Which makes it the 9th and 10th banknotes known to date!



So, less than a year after the exceptional sale of two consecutive banknotes (G.4 - 537 and G.4 - 538) and in a quality never seen for this variety, this is the opportunity to make a little reminder on this cut still full of mystery.

This banknote designed by Clément Serveau and engraved by Rita replaced the denomination with a “provisional” design put into circulation in 1926 and which was in fact a “recycling” of a reserve banknote from the Banque de France from the 19th century, the 1,000 francs type 1926 Chazal. The new note issued in 1933 was more representative of the Colony of Madagascar and its dependencies ...


1) Signatures H. Saurin / A. Dejouany

The 11 copies listed in detail:

  • Q.1 - 755 in VF grade, sold for € 550.00 in 2013 (sale "at friendly price" carried out by me),
  • B.3 - 786 in VF grade, currently at cgb.fr at the displayed price of € 1,300.00,
  • D.3 - 474 in VG condition with missing lower left corner, sold by cgb.fr in 2006 for € 536.00,
  • V.3 - 693 in PMG 35 grade,
  • F.4 - 366 in apparently VF grade,
  • F.4 - 859 in F/VF grade, currently at cgb.fr at the displayed price of € 1,200.00,
  • G.4 - 390 in VF grade, sold for $ 1,920.00 in April 2021 by Heritage Auctions (Lot #28387),
  • G.4 - 537 in XF grade, sold by cgb.fr in August 2020 for € 2,000.00,
  • G.4 - 538 in XF grade, sold by cgb.fr in August 2020 for € 2,000.00,
  • Y.4 - 979 in poor grade with significant lack and wax stain,
  • Z.4 - 277 in VF+ grade, offered for sale at € 2,490 on ebay by Link Diffusion in April 2021.

The research and collection of banknotes therefore often gives us pleasant surprises with 6 copies offered for sale in less than 9 months! For my part, the two copies that I had in my possession (Q.1 - 755 and Y.4 - 979), I had acquired them two months apart. It is quite possible that we will find more at all before a long time!

Regarding the other issues from 1939 to 1948 there were two other varieties of signatures:

2) Signatures P. Chaudun / A. Dejouany

ReferenceDateSeriesIssued notesComments
Pick: #41b21-12-19399 to 13125,0003 copies known
Pick : #41c9-9-194214 to 26325,0006 copies known
Pick : #4119-5-194527 to 1092,075,00030 copies known
Pick: #41e15-12-1947117 to 1681,275,00010 copies known

3) Signatures M. Gonon / A. Dejouany

ReferenceDateSeriesIssued notesComments
Pick: #41f28-12-1948170 to 2562,175,00031 copies known

A gray area remains: the alphabet 9 remains to be confirmed. The alphabets 5, 6, 7 and 8 were never found, that is to say a whole round slice of 100,000 banknotes. Were they issued in 1933 or 1939 or at an intermediate date, never printed or lost, or even destroyed? The alphabets 110 to 116 (175,000 banknotes) have also never been found but in view of the quantities issued in 1945 and 1947, there is a good chance that they were issued on one of these two dates, see both.


(1) Known references: Pick: # 41a, The Banknote Book: # B208a, Leclerc-Kolsky: # K816b.



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