1,000 francs type 1945 Minerva and Hercules

A rare specimen for sale on eBay!

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A very rare specimen of 1,000 francs type 1945 Minerva and Hercules (1) is currently for sale on eBay Canada (eBay item number: #363569257805). This is a copy numbered "O.00 - 00000" and perforated "SPÉCIMEN" obliquely to the left on the watermark. The note includes the first type of signatures with J. Belin, P. Rousseau and R. Favre-Gilly. As we can see in the photos (2), this specimen is not in good condition, but according to our archives, it would only be the 5th specimen listed (3)!



This sale is above all a rare opportunity to return this variant of a specimen to your collection. The current price of $ 27.60 (to date) augurs a happy outcome for a large number of collectors of Bank of France banknotes ... See you in one day and 7 hours (4)!


(1) Catalog references: Fayette-Dessal # F.41.00Sp1 or Pick # 130s1.
(2) We have cut out the photos of the advertisement for a presentation aesthetic question.
(3) A first note seen in a 1987 Vannier catalog, a second (and only?) note sold as aUNC grade at € 1,100 at cgb.fr in 2015 (lot # 4010325), a third note offered for auction in Soissons in 2015 and finally a fourth note seen on sale in Chinon in 2018.
(4) End of the sale tomorrow Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 5:36 p.m.


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