1,000 francs type 1978 Central African Empire

An unknown and rare Bokassa note!

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On the occasion of the publication in the Numizon catalog of banknotes issued by the Central African Republic, our listings engine found a copy of the 1,000 francs type 1978 Central African Empire (1) currently for sale (Listing # 357029). This note bearing the effigy of the dictator-emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa is dated 1-04-78 (April 1, 1978), numbered Z.7 - 88163 and includes the signatures of the Governor, Casimir Marie-Ange Oyé-Mba and "Un Censeur" (Auditor), Jean-François Ntoutoume Emane. Based on the photos, we believe that this copy is in VF grade (see photos below):


A rare note

If we draw your attention to this 1,000 francs type 1978, it is because we consider that this note is rather rare: no copy has been found in the archives of Heritage Auctions, only one copy at Spink (that of the Michel Muszynski collection) two copies sold at Stack's Bowers, including S.7 - 64932, 8 copies found in the archives of cgb.fr ... and 12 graded copies in the PMG Population report!

Finally, the banknotes and prices that we have noted in the table below will therefore allow you to see more clearly if you plan to bid on the lot on sale ... but be careful, this weekend, you will not need to not be in your garden mowing the lawn because the sale closes Saturday April 24, 2021 at 5:00 pm!

Pick #6E.7 (2)22939VF€ 450.00cgb.fr (Lot # 4390075) in 2020.
Pick #6E.741197F-€ 70sold on ebay in 2021.
Pick #6E.748671PCGS 40€ 1,200.00cgb.fr (Lot # 4300044), unsold in 2019.
Pick #6E.752551VG€ 243.00cgb.fr (Lot # 413-325275) in 2021.
Pick #6G.729563VG€ 220.00cgb.fr (Lot # b97_6788), date of sale not indicated.
Pick #6J.745659F+€ 193.00cgb.fr (Lot # 213-139747) in 2017.
Pick #6M.770566--Banknote illustrating The Banknote Book.
Pick #6Q.782829PMG 45£ 500.00Spink, Auction # 19023 in 2019 (Lot # 409)
Pick #6R.7 (3)18399PCGS 45 EPQ€ 1,750.00cgb.fr (Lot # 4270246) in January 2018.
Pick #6R.749028PMG 40$ 360.00Stack's Bowers (Lot # 30082) in 2021.
Pick #6R.758540VF€ 410.00cgb.fr (Lot # 4260230) in 2018.
Pick #6S.764932PMG Top Pop !$ 5,192.00Stack's Bowers (Lot # 11049) in 2011.
Pick #6V.725382--Banknote illustrating The World paper Money Catalog.
Pick #6W.755835VG€ 90cgb.fr (Lot # b36_1813), date of sale not indicated.
Pick #6Y.776855--Note illustrating the Bank Note Museum website.
Pick #6Z.788163VF-For sale on ebay in April 2021.

(1) Catalog references: Pick # 6, The Banknote Book # B102a, Leclerc-Kolsky # LK591b.
(2) The copy numbered E.7 - 22939 was resold in 2021 for € 393.00 (Lot # 4430491).
(3) The copy numbered R.7 - 18399 was resold in December 2018 for € 1,000.00 (Lot # 4270246).


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