1,000 marks type 1910 Error!

for sale at Sincona, Auction # 62

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At the next sale Sincona Auction # 62 on October 24, 2019, a 1,000 mark type 1910 (Ref. Grabowski # DEU-40c or Pick # 44) will be offered for sale (Lot # 6091)! This note for for the ReichsBanknote 1910 issue is not uncommon and can be found quite easily. However, the copy presented at auction is a remarkable error, not listed to date in reference books (Pick or Grabowski/Rosenberg).


The date (Berlin, den 21. April 1910.), "Reichsbankdirectorium" and the signatures are missing! Small signs of traffic indicate that the banknote has probably circulated. 7-digit numbering: "No. 4909049 N". This remarkable error note is offered at a starting price of 550 CHF (about €460 $ 515).



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