10,000 manat type 1996-2000

The four versions of a Turkmenistan banknote

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Collectors can sometimes get confused about precisely identifying a collector's banknote. Indeed, some banknotes are sometimes issued repeatedly with changes barely perceptible to the naked eye! This is the case of the 10,000 manat type 1996 banknote from Turkmenistan. This note, which was issued no less than four times between 1996 and 2000, therefore comprises four almost identical versions with, however, some small differences which are not obvious to spot at first glance ...

The first issue of 1996

The 10,000 manat type 1996 (Pick # 10, The Banknote Book # B204a) was issued by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan (Türkmenistanyň Merkezi Banky). Its dimensions are 156 x 78 mm. The watermark: Rearing Arabian horses. The printing paper has a solid security thread. Presence of a gold-colored embossed rosette on the left. The banknote, whose general composition is predominantly light blue, was printed in color on both sides by the English printer in London, Thomas De La Rue (TDLR). Description of the front: in the center, a view of President Köşgi's presidential palace in Aşğabat and next to it, an unidentified graphic symbol. On the right, a portrait of President Saparmurat Niyazov (1940-2006). The note is numbered with a prefix of two letters and a series of 7-digit numbers printed in black horizontally and in red vertically. The texts are in the Turkmen language. A signature combination with the BASLYK, Khudaiberdy Orazov. Description of the back: a frame, composed of repeating geometric shapes, surrounds the coat of arms of Turkmenistan positioned in the center. The issue date (1996) is imprinted on the edge of the frame.



The second issue of 1998

The 10,000 manat type 1998 (Pick # 11, The Banknote Book # B205a) is identical to the previous banknote with the following differences:

  • the issue date (1998) is printed to the right of the signature,
  • the issue date visible on the back of Pick # 10 is no longer present on the back of Pick # 11,
  • a new graphic symbol is printed on the left of the presidential palace,
  • a new reverse side showing a view of the Saparmurat Haji Mosque. The coat of arms is reduced and moved to the left.


The third issue of 1999

The 10,000 manat type 1999 (Pick # 13, The Banknote Book # B206a) is identical to the 1998 banknote with the following notable differences:



The fourth issue of 2000

The 10,000 manat type 2000 (Pick # 14, The Banknote Book # B207a) is a compilation of the previous banknotes with the following new differences:

  • the issue date (2000) printed to the right of the signature,
  • the signature of Khudaiberdy Orazov is replaced by that of Seitbai Kandymov,
  • a new graphic symbol printed on the top left of the presidential palace,
  • a new reverse side showing the monument of neutrality (Bitaraplyk Binasy) on the left and the Ruhyyet Köşgi Palace in Aşğabat in the center. The coat of arms is reduced and moved to the right in blue. The back is no longer framed.


All these differences have no added value on either of these four banknotes. Gathering this original set is quite easy to achieve for an inexpensive overall budget. This example shows both the richness and the complexity of our collection of world banknotes. Because with regard to the correct referencing of these variants of banknotes in the Numizon database, we have been working for a long time on these textbook cases (w/ signatures, symbols, dates, etc.) in order to enrich and perfect your tool of visual recognition: Scan a banknote!


(1) OVI (optically variable ink) is a printing ink containing microscopic pigments acting as interference filters, which causes large color shifts (strong color variations) depending on the angle at from which we observe the banknote or lighting.

Our sources

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  • Photos archive of cgb.fr.

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