20 francs Katanga Type 1960

The date of 01.12.60 finally found!

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A first 20 franc Katanga Type 1960 banknote (Ref. Pick: # 6b or TBB: # B204b) with the date of December 1, 1960 (1) has finally been found! The copy in VF grade and numbered “IF 237251” is currently offered for sale at Alpes Collections at the immediate purchase price of € 4,500.

Until now, the 20 francs was only known with the date of 21.11.60, the second date of 01.12.60 being indicated as unconfirmed. The copy for sale is therefore considered unique to this day and the price displayed must however remain at the discretion of each collector!



We remind that Katanga banknotes have been in the Numizon catalog for a few weeks (2). This unprecedented find will undoubtedly revive the interest of collectors for banknotes from missing countries!


(1) The date printed on the banknote is 01.12.60.
(2) Read or reread our news dated August 28, 2020: “The Ephemeral State of Katanga”.


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