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Is this Czech national banknote really rare?

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Between 1994 and 1996, the National Bank of the Czech Republic (Česká Národní Banka) began issuing 7 notes of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 korun. This is the first time that the Czech banking institute has offered a value of 2,000 korun. The banknote will be issued again in 1999 (Pick # 22) and 2007 (Pick # 26), but it is the 2,000 korun type 1996 (1) denomination that interests us today ...


Above (2): Front of the 2,000 korun illustrated with a portrait of Czech soprano Ema Destinnová. Dimensions: 164 x 74 mm.


Above: Back of 2,000 korun depicting Euterpe, the muse of music and lyrical poetry, accompanied by stringed instruments.

A rare banknote?

The 1996 type is known to be a rare note. Also, when we take a closer look at the number of copies of the 2,000 korun type 1996 offered for purchase by the major international auction houses over the past 10 years, we quickly see that the quantity is very limited: 1 sale at Spink in 2009 (Auction # 1032, lot # 154), 2 sales at MPO Auctions in 2012 and 2016, 1 sale at Christoph Gärtner in 2017, 1 sale at Heidrun Höhn in 2018 (in one lot) and 2 sales at cgb.fr in 2019 and 2020. Worse, no sales offered across the Atlantic, either at Heritage Auctions or at Stack's Bowers!

From the grading side, only 9 graded notes in the PMG Population Report. We could therefore quickly conclude that the banknote is very rare. On this subject, some official catalogs seem rather divided: listed at only $ 200 in UNC grade in World Paper Money, but on the other hand, no indication of rating in the Banknote Book of the Czech Republic!

An inventory to see more clearly

To find out, we decided to take a quick inventory of the 2,000 korun type 1996. So in just one afternoon, we collected a total of 50 copies that we present to you in detail. in the table below:

ReferenceSeriesNumberGrade(3)Price yearPriceComments
P16a--UNC2012€100.00Heritage Europe-MPO, Auction #36 (lot #5780)
P16a--UNC2016€80.00Heritage Europe-MPO, January 2016 (lot #261)
P16aA01016675VF2021€102.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,600 Kč)
P16aA01486498VF2021€99.00Aukro (for sale at 2,500 Kč)
P16aA01598762UNC2021€200.00Aukro (for sale at 5,000 Kč)
P16aA01635322AU2021-Copy seen on Pinterest
P16aA01908821F2021€103.00Aukro (for sale at 2,630 Kč)
P16aA02885877UNC2021$410.00For sale on eBay (#265132076007)
P16aA03316955F2021€83.00Aukro (for sale at 2,100 Kč)
P16aA03613164XF2021€95.00Aukro (for sale at 2,400 Kč)
P16aA04614713TTB2021€95.00Aukro (for sale at 2,400 Kč)
P16aA04532829aUNC2017€180.00Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner, Auction #36 (lot #761)
P16aA04837952AU+-€100.00Sold by notafilia-kp.com
P16aA05484070VF2021€87.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,200 Kč)
P16aA05885954UNC2021€189.00Aukro (for sale at 4,800 Kč)
P16aA06717277XF2021€131.00Aukro (for sale at 3,333 Kč)
P16aA08052379VF2021-Copy seen on sberatel.com
P16aA09099781VF2021€83.00Aukro (for sale at 2,099 Kč)
P16aA09349516UNC--Copy in the WPM catalog
P16aA09737891VF2021€102.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,600 Kč)
P16aA09853070VF2021€158.00Aukro (for sale at 4,000 Kč)
P16aA10510007VF2021€102.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,600 Kč)
P16aA10939141F2021€788.00Aukro (for sale at 2,0 000 Kč)
P16aA11060369UNC--Copy in the TBB catalog
P16aA11183985F2021€ 158.00Aukro (for sale at 4,000 Kč)
P16aA11206886F2021€138.00Aukro (for sale at 3,500 Kč)
P16aA11351742VF2021€138.00Aukro (for sale at 3,500 Kč)
P16aA12576554VF2021€102.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,600 Kč)
P16aA13552426XF2021€89.00Aukro (for sale at 2,250 Kč)
P16aA13853070VF2021€158.00Aukro (for sale at 4,000 Kč)
P16aA14386506F2021€90.00Aukro (for sale at 2,280 Kč)
P16aA14392635F2021€99.00Aukro (for sale at 2,500 Kč)
P16aA14485411VF2021€197.00Aukro (for sale at 4,999 Kč)
P16aA14631707VF2021€61.00Aukro (for sale at 1,550 Kč)
P16aA14709569VF2021€130.00Aukro (for sale at 3,300 Kč)
P16aA14795197VF+2020€120.00Sold by cgb.fr (lot #B85_2020)
P16aA14882987F2021€79.00Aukro (for sale at 2,000 Kč)
P16aA15434729F2021€95.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,400 Kč)
P16aA15436400UNC--Copy on the Banknote Museum website
P16aA16400263VF2021€91.00Aukro (for sale at 2,295 Kč)
P16aA16501333VF2021€102.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,600 Kč)
P16aA17149877VF-2021€83.00Aukro (for sale at 2,100 Kč)
P16aA17381663VF2021€91.00Aukro (for sale at 2,295 Kč)
P16aA17899764VF-2021€102.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,600 Kč)
P16aA18746131VF-2021€87.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,200 Kč)
P16aA20378133VF2021€158.00Sbazar.cz (for sale at 4,000 Kč)
P16aA20908451F2021€ 79.00Sbazar.cz (for sale at 2,2000 Kč)
P16aA21499411F/VF2021€ 102.00Numismatika Zlatá Koruna (for sale at 2,600 Kč)
P16aA21506963PMG 67 EPQ2019€262.00Sold by cgb.fr in 2019 (lot #4310424)
P16aA21943010VF2021€91.00Aukro (for sale at 2,300 Kč)
P16aA24885952UNC2020€374.00Sold by Aurea Numismatika (lot #6466)

Numizon's analysis

The 2000 korun type 1996 is made up of 24 series (A01 to A24) of 1,000,000 banknotes per series, ie a theoretical issue of 24,000,000 copies. However, we did not find all the series (A07, A19, A22 and A23). The results of our study, on the other hand, are unequivocal: with fifty copies collected in a few hours on the web, we cannot therefore consider the banknote as a rarity in digital quantity. The 2,000 korun is even rather very easy to obtain! Although we have only found one copy for sale on eBay (see Notes), it is undoubtedly at the national level that the answer must be found. Indeed, 39 copies in our table are currently available for purchase (4), but more particularly on the Czech auction website aukro. Unfortunately, the website does not offer any languages ​​other than the local language, but you just have to type the words "bankovka 2000 kč" in the search bar and you will be able to access a first list of banknotes on sale!

However, we noticed that the 39 copies available circulated very often and are almost all of average quality. Apart from a few odd amounts, the prices displayed (between € 80.00 and € 150.00) are accordingly. Regarding the banknotes in perfect condition, we only found two copies advertised for sale as such: the banknote numbered "A01 598762" at Kč 5,000.00 (€ 200.00) and the note numbered "A05 895954" at Kč 4,800.00 (€ 190.00).

In conclusion, we observe that with only 1/4 of the copies collected and identified in perfect grade (12 banknotes), we can indeed speak of rarity in good quality. You should therefore not miss the new banknotes that will soon be presented to you, because the prices are still very affordable (between € 200.00 and € 400.00). However, keep in mind that the 2,000 korun type 1996 is still a young note which is not exempt from possible big finds! You must therefore remain cautious and not get carried away by the price of the first UNC note that will be put in front of you!


(1) Known references: Pick: 16a, The Banknote Book: B115a.
(2) The banknote that illustrates this article is the only copy we found available for sale on eBay at $ 410.00! (3) Because we did not have all the notes in hand, we estimated the grade of some copies for the listings that did not indicate it!
(4) Banknotes prices are displayed in Czech koruna (kč), i.e. € 1 = kč 25.4.

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