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The pearl of the Netherlands Antilles!

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While waiting to discover soon the catalog of the 32 banknotes issued by the Netherlands Antilles between 1955 and 2016, here is a preview, a note that you probably do not come across every day. It will therefore be necessary to arm yourself with luck or patience to acquire a copy, because this marvel must still be missed by a very large number of collectors specializing in banknotes from the Netherlands and its current overseas territories ... or past. The 250 gulden type 1962 (1) was issued by the Bank of the Netherlands Antilles in the early 1960s along with 6 other denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 gulden.


All the banknotes in this series have a substantially similar design except for the values, the dominant colors and the emblematic places of the Netherlands Antilles which are represented there ... On the left of each denomination, there is an oval medallion containing a representation of the Queen of the Netherlands from 1848 to 1980, HRH Juliana (2). The queen is represented there seated and in profile in the shade of a palm tree near a seaside. Her gaze directed towards the horizon, seems absorbed by a commercial ship en route to Europe or another corner of world. In her left hand, she holds a parchment and with the other, embraces the two flags of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles.

A golden banknote!

The 250 gulden is predominantly yellow in color and its dimensions are 155 x 66 mm. It was printed, like the other six banknotes, by the printer Johan Enschedé & Zonen (JEZ) located in Haarlem in the Netherlands. In the center of the front, the two signatures of the Secretary (De Secretaris), J. van der Heul and of the Director (De Directeur), Pieter Theodorus Spencer Krafft. In the central illustration, a view of boats and cabins located along the rocky coast of Saba (3). Finally on the right, the value in figures is arranged in the center of a large rose window. In terms of security features, the banknote only has a thin watermark in the form of a monogram consisting of the letters NA (for Netherlands Antilles).



An undoubtedly unknown rarity

It was during the design of the Netherlands Antilles catalog that we realized that the banknote was exceedingly rare, since in researching photos to illustrate the card of the banknote, we only collected specimen copies ... To find the issued note, we first had to consult Owen W. Linzmeyer's catalog (see Our sources at the end of the article), in which we discovered a first copy numbered 011912. A second copy numbered 010333 and which finally illustrates this article, comes from the only sale made by Heritage Auctions in April 2019. The copy, graded PMG 50 EPQ, was sold at the time for $ 4,800.00 (fees included). It is also the only Top Pop copy ranked in the PMG Population Report!

So two copies currently known, it is necessarily a start ... because other banknotes are still sleeping undoubtedly in the files of certain collectors and then we have not yet examined the old paper sales catalogs. This new inventory is therefore in the making (4) and only asks to grow!


(1) Known catalog references: Pick # 6a, The Banknote Book: # B206a.
(2) “Juliana of the Netherlands”, Wikipedia.
(3) Saba is one of the northernmost Dutch islands of the Lesser Antilles east of Puerto Rico. Nicknamed "The Unspoiled Queen", it is a volcanic and very mountainous island. Its wild coasts are made up of cliffs and rocks and beaches are practically non-existent.
(4) Do not hesitate to contact us to send us pictures of new copies!

Our sources

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  • "Netherlands Antilles" Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, 1961-present, 17th edition (pages 698 to 702).
  • "Netherlands Antilles", wikipedia.
  • Heritage Auctions photo archive.

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