5 francs Bleu Cabasson type 1874

The 4th variant of signatures is confirmed!

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Finally !

Reported in 2006 in Dr. Kolsky's book, the very rare copy of the 5 francs Bleu type 1874 numbered H.19 - 921 (1) is finally confirmed. This wonder of the Bank of Martinique was entrusted to us by a collector whom we warmly thank. The note, classified in F grade, has the 4th Alizard / Bonneville signature group which was still missing from our database! It's finally done and we are delighted to present it to you:



How many banknotes?

This 5 francs Blue note, commonly called the 5 francs Cabasson named after its author Guillaume-Alphonse Harang (2), is a very rare note known to only 5 copies:

ReferenceSerie / NumberGradeDateSignatures
Pick #5Ca / Kolsky #K301aE.7 - 281G1895Le Boucher / Bonneville.
Pick #5Cb / Kolsky #K301bL.15 - 835F1900Caubère / Bonneville.
Pick #5Cc / Kolsky #K301cF.16 - 374G1901Michon / Bonneville.
Pick #5Cd / Kolsky #K301dA.19 (3)?1903Alizard / Bonneville.
Pick #5Cd / Kolsky #K301dH.19 - 921F1903Alizard / Bonneville.

The specimen is red!

We are also fortunate to also be able to present you the specimen of the 5 francs Cabasson, since in his kindness, our dear collector sent it to us together with the coursable note! This is the second time that we see this specimen (4) adopted in 1902, unsigned and numbered 0.00 - 000. The front has the particularity of being in red and the back in dark green. Extremely rare ...




(1) Known references: Pick: # 5C, Kolsky: # K301, The Banknote Book: # B210.
(2) Guillaume Cabasson, pseudonym of Guillaume-Alphonse Harang (1814-1884) is a French painter, engraver and art teacher. It was from 1862 that the Bank of France ordered drawings for banknotes from him, including the 50 francs type 1864 Bleu and the 500 francs type 1863 Bleu. Source: Wikipedia (in French).
(3) Copy A.19 also mentioned by Maurice Kolsky in 2006 is still not confirmed ... If you have any information regarding this post, please contact us.
(4) Known references: Pick: # 5Cs, Kolsky: # KSP301-1, The Banknote Book: # B210s.

Our sources

  • The Banknote Book “Martinique” by Owen W. Linzmeyer (page 9).
  • “Les billets des D.O.M-T.O.M” by Maurice Kolsky, second edition. Collection Histoire du Papier-Monnaie français, 2006 (page 98).
  • “Les billets des D.O.M-T.O.M” by Maurice Kolsky, first edition. Editions L'Auréus, 1986 (page 103).
  • See the study carried out on the types of 5 francs Cabasson by Kajacques Numismatique (in French).


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