5 francs type 1874 Bleu

Sale of a very rare copy for Guadeloupe!

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Small grade but very rare!

The copy that we present to you today is in a deplorable grade ... The sale dates from more than a month and has probably gone unnoticed, because only one collector bid on this rare copy of 5 francs type 1874 bleu for Guadeloupe or more commonly called "5 francs Cabasson blue". The bill realized the price of € 900 (without fees) during the last Internet Auction Banknotes in May 2020 at cgb.fr (lot # 4380313).

It is the 3rd known banknote for the year 1891 and only the 9th copy for the Type!



Numizon inventory

We have archives of photos of 3 copies of this 5 francs Cabasson note for Guadeloupe. Remember to register to be able to consult them! And soon, you will be able to subscribe and find out our price estimates for this banknote in all grades from G to UNC!

References (1)SignaturesYearInventory
#P6a / #B306a / #K101a?1874U.14
#P6b / #B306b / #K101bRivière / Desplaux.1880Z.19
#P6c / #B306c / #K101cCasse / Boudin.1891M.22, D.23, E.28
#P6d / #B306d / #K101dRéaux / Boudin.1897T.38, V.43
#P6e / #B306e / #K101eCourcelle / Boudin.1898Z.47
#P6f / #B306f / #K101fFuriet / Boudin.1906D.51


(1) Catalogs references: P6 = Pick (World Paper Money), B306 = TBB (The Banknote Book) and K101 = Kolsky.


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