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Discovery of an issued note!

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Unique banknote to date?

Brought back in our suitcases on our return from the 1st Banknotes Aachen Show, we are delighted to present you a very rare copy of 5 francs type 1923 from the Bank of Indochina for the Djibouti branch and dated August 1, 1923 (1). Although in poor grade (G+), this note is quite remarkable since it is the very first time that we have recorded an issued note (2).




The 5 francs type 1923 was designed by Daniel Dupuis and Georges Duval and the engraving was carried out by A. Leveille. The dimensions are 141 x 106 mm. The banknote is numbered F.10 - 753. It has no watermark. Only 100,000 copies were put into circulation from the month of May 1924. Identical to the 5 francs type 1905 (3), the note however no longer includes the decrees of January 21, 1875, February 20, 1888, May 16, 1900 and April 3. 1901. A single combination of signatures with An Administrator, Albert de Montplanet and The Chairman, René Thion de la Chaume:


A banknote known in specimen

The 5 francs type 1923 of Djibouti is especially known perforated "SPECIMEN" in horizontal and numbered "0.00 - 000". All the copies that we have seen (4) have on the back a cashier number affixed in red pen. The 9 specimens we have pointed out have the following numbers: 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 and 22.



(1) Known catalog references: Pick: # 4A, The Banknote Book: # B105, Kolsky-Muszynski: # KM602.
(2) In order to enrich the inventory, we are appealing to all collectors who are lucky enough to own a copy!
(3) Known catalog references: Pick: # 1, The Banknote Book: # B101, Kolsky-Muszynski: # KM601.
(4) The specimen that illustrates The Banknote Book does not have a cashier number!


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