ALGERIA : Incredible 5 NF/ 500 francs Bacchus !

A new reference ?

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Again ! You will tell me. Yes, another discovery on a banknote from Algeria!

Mr Palombo has started to publish a complete study by editing beautiful books on the banknotes of Algeria and Tunisia (Volume 1 and Volume 2), but for the moment these books stop at 1925! We will still have to be patient for the rest...

But fortunately, some collectors are there to share their find with us! Today it is Patrice who is in the spotlight, he sends us this new banknote !


It is a 500 francs Bacchus overprinted with 5 new francs from 1952 (pick 111).

I already see you answering me "But it's a known banknote, nothing exceptional!".

So to all those whose thoughts have crossed their minds, I regret to announce that you still have progress to make! Because if this note was in the binder of a merchant in a salon, you would have let it pass. But what a mistake!

Indeed, seeing a banknote overloaded with new francs from 1952 should have caught your attention.

Until today, we all thought that the 5 NF/500 Bacchus francs only concerned the last alphabets issued, therefore only 1956.

There, you answer me "OK. Alright. 1952 instead of 1956. But why then do we say that it is a new variant?"

A collector of Algerian banknotes should know that for many banknotes, there are often variants that differ depending on the date format. This is sometimes "flanked by a letter", sometimes not.


This is the case of the 500 francs Bacchus. Here are (as a reminder) the known variants...


...till today. Because you will notice that our banknote is an overprinted 5 new francs but with a date flanked by the letter A. And that is new!

Obviously, in 1956, the bank of Algeria and Tunisia not only overprinted new banknotes but it also overprinted an old stock!

So in the inventory, we have the presence of a 5 NF/500 francs in the middle of the 500 francs.

And the reverse is also true!

Remember the article by Mr Virecoulon in the BN n°134 of the CGB (ok it was in September 2014) where we discover a non-overprinted replacement note dating from October 1956, therefore in the middle of the overprint range.

Here is a small inventory of banknotes present on the Numizon site to illustrate my remarks.


So, and finally, to thank those who have read my article so far, I'll give you some info: Bacchus 500 franc banknotes from 1953 are rare! The show only resumed on December 1, 1953 after a break since July 1952. So only 1 month of show for 1953!

And of course a BIG THANK YOU to PATRICE for sharing his post with us and we take this opportunity to congratulate him on this magnificent post from his collection.


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