5 ticals type 1898. Bangkok issue

The gem of the next "Numizon Sale # 5"!

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A very great rarity from the Bank of Indo-China!

We can't resist the pleasure of giving you a preview of the rarest banknote from our next “Numizon Sale # 5” which will begin April 19, 2021.

This is a copy of CINQ TICAUX / FIVE TICALS type 1898 (1) issued for the Bangkok branch by the Bank of Indo-China. This undoubtedly unique document is asingle-sided proof of the front without watermark, numbered 0.0-000 and dated December 19, 1898. The note is graded PMG 53 About Uncirculated ... and it is moreover the only copy registered with PMG. Like all the other lots in our Sale-on-Offers, this marvel will be offered at a fixed price ... So you must not miss the start of the sale!




(1) Known references: Pick: # S101s1, Kolsky-Muszynski: # KM801.

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