50 Francs Type 1868 "Blue with black indices"

Discovery of a 12th copy for the year 1882

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The banknote that we have the pleasure to present to you today illustrates the Numizon catalog card for two years now. To our astonishment, this note is still not listed in the official inventory (1). We therefore decided to put it forward because it is still the 12th copy of the 50 Francs Type 1868 “Blue with black indices” (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.A38.12 or Pick: # 51d). The banknote is in F/VF grade with unfortunately some small tape reinforcements on the back. This copy is numbered "P.899-932" and dated June 12, 1882. Regarding this year 1882, this reference was issued between January 11 and December 30 (134 alphabets or series: 854 to 990). The only months known so far are the five months of January, May, June, September and December. The two signatures on the note are those with The Chief Cashier (Le Caissier principal), Mignot and The Secretary General (Le Secrétaire Général), Carré.



The 12 copies of the inventory to date

ReferenceDateSeriesShort numberGrade
Pick # 51dJanuary 23, 1882G.864963VF
Pick # 51dJanuary 24, 1882U.865809VF+
Pick # 51dJanuary 31, 1882E.871352F/VF
Pick # 51dMay 15, 1882W.876079VF+
Pick # 51dJune 2, 1882T.891826F/VF
Pick # 51dJune 6, 1882Y.894448G
Pick # 51dJune 12, 1882P.899932F/VF
Pick # 51dJune 16, 1882P.903783VF+
Pick # 51dJune 26, 1882W.911087XF
Pick # 51dSeptember 25, 1882Q.928590VF+
Pick # 51dDecember 1, 1882L.966482VF+
Pick # 51dDecember 16, 1882S.979093F/VF

Numizon analysis

The date of the copy numbered "Q.928-590" is September 25, 1882 and not June 25, 1882 as indicated in the official inventory.

Concerning the copy "L.966-482" sold for € 1,000 in 2007 by the Numismatic Cabinet in Montargis, we have serious suspicions that the note is a forgery. If by chance, the banknote owner reads our article, please contact us if he possibly wants our help with a banknote expertise!

The copy "W.876-079" was sold for $ 6,490 at Lyn Knight Auctions (LKCA) in 2015 (see Numizon archives in the catalog card).

The copy "P.903-783" was offered for € 5,000 in the Corné Akkermans auction in Valkenburg in 2014 (Lot # 372). No indication of the final sale price.

Finally, 5 copies of the above inventory are visible in photos in the archives of the auction house cgb.fr:

  • Y.894-448 (sold € 2,211 in 2012, Paper-Money # 22).
  • W.911-087 (sold a first time € 6,000 in 2005, Paper-Money # 7).
  • W.911-087 (sold a second time € 12,000 in 2013, Paper-Money # 26).
  • U.865-809 (sold € 2,897 in 2001, Paper-Money # 2).
  • G.864-963 (sold a first time € 3,500 in 2014, Paper-Money # 14).
  • G.864-963 (sold a second time € 2,600 in the cgb.fr store. Date unknown).
  • T.891-826 (unsold a first time for € 4,000 in 2017, October Live Auction Banknotes).
  • T.891-826 (sold a second time € 2,400 in cgb.fr store in 2017).

Finally, we are missing the sales information and photos of two banknotes: "E.871-352" and "S.979-093". We are issuing a Wanted Notice to the lucky holders of these two rarities, so that we can quickly complete this article!


(1) The single copy of the year 1874, numbered "Y.574-776" and dated December 2, 1874 and of which we had produced at the beginning of 2020 a news entitled: A new 50 Francs Type 1868 "Blue with black indices", is also still not listed in the inventory!

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