50 mark Sarre Type 1947

The 100th banknote in the inventory!

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A 50 mark Sarre Type 1947 banknote illustrates the cover of the next Live Auction which will be offered on Tuesday January 5, 2021 by cgb.fr. The banknote, numbered M.2 - 75855, is in aUNC grade and is estimated between € 2,000 and € 3,500 (lot # 4430415). This highlighting by the Compagnie Générale de Bourse (cgb.fr) was therefore an opportunity for us to take stock of this note issued for the Saar in 1947.


Front of the 50 mark Saar Type 1947 in specimen numbered 0.00-00000. No perf, no watermark.


Back of the 50 mark Saar Type 1947 in specimen numbered 0.00-00000. No perf, no watermark.

The 100th known banknote!

The 50 Mark Sarre Type 1947 from cgb.fr is our 100th banknote in the inventory for the Type! We remind that this reference only exists for the moment in series 1 to 3.

The smallest known number is A.1-10099 in G+ grade and the largest known note is Q.3-74495 in F/VF grade. The distribution by serie of the 100 banknotes in the inventory is therefore as follows:

SeriesInventorySmallest No.Bigger No.Best grade

Numizon analysis

Serie 1 is currently the rarest and no banknote is known in UNC grade. Serie 2 is the most common of the three and alone represents half of the banknotes listed! Although series 1 and 2 are known from the letter A to Z, many letters are still missing:

  • Serie 1: A, B, C, D, E, K, L, W, Y and Z are the known letters for this alphabet.
  • Serie 2: A, C, F, K and Y are the missing letters for this alphabet.
  • Serie 3: A, C, D, G, J, K and Q are the known letters for this alphabet.

Note: until now, the serie 3 was by far the rarest for the Type, but the inventory was upset in 2015 by the discovery of 11 complete series of the Saar! Regarding the 50 mark, the 11 copies found were in aUNC grade and all from the D.3 serie (with numbers 80561 to 80563 and 80572 to 80580). Finally, this serie 3 stops strangely at the letter Q and we have no explanation for it yet ...



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