Mexique 50 pesos type 1973

First 50 pesos banknote printed by the Bank of Mexico

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Benito Juarez is a very important figure in the history of Mexico. He was recognized as a Mexican hero, he remains to this day the only president of indigenous origin in all of Latin America and he is perhaps considered one of the founders of the Republic of Mexico. He resisted the French intervention in Mexico, fought and ended the Second Mexican Empire. He maintained the powers of the Nation and the Republic in the national territory during this period. He used liberal measures to modernize the country. For this reason, on March 21, the birthday of Benito Juarez is still celebrated in Mexico.


Juarez established not only the constitution de 1857 but above all the " Reforma laws" which are still the founding pillars of the Republic of Mexico. These laws separated the Church from the State and abolished the privileges of the army and nationalized the property of the clergy, establishing the equality of all before the law. He also established freedom of worship, marriage as a civil contract and secularism. In other words, Juarez gave a democratic and republican breath to a country tired of wars and looking for social equality.

In 1973, the Bank of Mexico decided to print its own banknotes. The 50 pesos banknote type 1973 with the image of Benito Juarez belongs to the AA family. The first banknote manufactured and issued by the Bank of Mexico.


On the front there is the image of Benito Juarez, who was president for several periods between January 21, 1958 until his death in 1972, behind it there is the National Palace of Mexico. One of the characteristics is the name S.A. Bank of Mexico, as it was used before the nationalization of the bank in 1982.


The back of the banknote depicts the Zapotec urn of the god of corn and in the background the palace of the columns of Mitla, in the state of Oaxaca.

All the denominations of this family were printed on cotton paper, and measure 15.7 cm wide and 6.7 cm high.

At the time these banknotes were issued, watermarks and security threads were not used as security measures, only small print details and serial numbers were used as validation tools against counterfeiting.

These banknotes belonged to the old monetary unit of the pesos, which became invalid for transactions in 1992, so their current monetary value would be equivalent to 5 centavos.

This series of banknotes also included denominations of 5, 10, 20, 100, 500 and 1,000 pesos.

This banknote is very accessible for collectors. To be collected in NEW condition only!


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