500 francs Chateaubriand type 1945 W.148

3rd copy of the very rare alphabet sold on ebay!

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Express sale!

Yesterday, at the beginning of the afternoon, a very rare 500-franc Chateaubriand Type 1945 note (ref. Pick: # 129c or Fayette-Dessal: # F.34.13a) was sold on ebay for immediate purchase at a price of € 250.00! The note was indicated at a starting price of € 150.00. As is often the case with exceptional banknotes offered on auction websites, it was an express sale which therefore only remained active for a few hours ... You really shouldn't have had lunch yesterday!



A very rare item!

The note sold is dated 02-07-1953 and is one of the 4 very rare alphabets of this date: W.147 to W.150. It is not in exceptional condition, but at least in XF/AU grade (with a trace of ink pen in the upper part and very small ink stains on Chateaubriand's face). The bill is numbered "W.148 - 73154" and therefore becomes the 3rd copy for the alphabet "W.148"!

The two other copies already known are the banknotes “W.148 - 02519” and “W.148 - 52372”.

The Numizon opinion!

Discover below our value estimation grid for banknotes from alphabets 147 to 150 (with letter):

G€ 200
VG€ 350
F€ 500
F/VF€ 700
VF€ 1000
VF/XF€ 1300
XF€ 1700
XF/AU€ 2200
AU€ 3000
UNC€ 4500
GEM (PMG > to 66)€ 7000



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