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An inventory that exceeds 300 copies!

Recent information has disrupted the data that we had for several years on the 500 francs Flag back type 1944 (1). First, the update of the inventory which now counts a total of 321 banknotes referenced to date. This score has been climbing steadily for many years. It would therefore not be surprising that very soon, the number of known banknotes exceeds 500 copies! The 500 francs Drapeau has become a very common banknote (2). Only copies in perfect grade are rare and deserve your interest ...

More than 20,000,000 issued notes?

The main information of the day calls into question the theoretical number of copies issued for the type, namely 20,000,000 copies. Indeed, we have discovered a note with a numbering greater than 19999999 (3). This copy had been sleeping peacefully since October 2020 in the banknotes file to be added to the inventory. We thought it was still a period forgery. Now it looks like this banknote is potentially genuine, making it the biggest known issue and the first to pass the 20th million mark. This copy bears the number 20204022, but unfortunately we only have one poor quality photo of which we have lost the origin. If the collector of this note recognizes his copy, please contact us.


Two new smaller notes!

The inventory is also turned upside down since it is two new smaller notes (00610825 and 00622047) which make their entry at the top of the inventory. The 3 smallest numbers are now the following:

00610825VF+Sold € 153,60 by e-monnaies in 2021 (lot #100112969)
00622047VFFor sale at € 132,50 by Numiscollection in 2021
00639562VFSold € 91 on ebay in April 2015

The specimen

We will end this news with a specimen of the 500 francs type 1944 currently on sale on the eBay store of the American seller Trusted Traditions. The note is graded 66 PPQ by the newest grading company Legacy. On the other hand, the price of US $ 1,995.00 is pretty dizzying! No doubt a confusion with the quotation of the specimen (4) of the 500 francs France back type 1945? For information, see below the prices realized for the 6 specimens of the 500 francs type 1944 sold at cgb.fr between 2016 and 2020:



(1) Known catalog references: Pick: 119a, Fayette-Dessal: VF.21.01 or Schwan-Boling: 147.
(2) Read or reread the premonitory article published in 2017 on the French Banknotes Of War (FBOW) blog.
(3) The largest known number so far was 19918815 discovered in 2014.
(4) Indicative odds of 500 francs France back type 1945 in specimen for 4 states: VF: 3000 €, XF: 4000 €, AU: 5000 €, UNC: 7000 €. Indicative odds of 500 francs Flag back type 1944 in specimen for 3 states: XF: € 400, AU: € 500, UNC: € 700, or 10x less!


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