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Record price for a very rare French Guiana note ...

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The 12th known copy!

On April 12, 2021, a French Guiana note of 500 francs type 1942 (1) numbered AD1 - 13450 and in F grade, was sold for € 3,373 on ebay (eBay item number: # 194018188340). This is a rare copy of the first issue of 1942 printed in the United States by the printer E.A Wright Banknote Cie of Philadelphia. This copy includes the printed signatures of "Le Directeur (The Director)" Corentin Charles Halleguen at left, "Le Caissier (The Cashier)" Maurice Constantin at right and "Un Censeur (One Censor)" Henri Collat in the center:



In total, only 5,880 copies were issued for the type! The Specimen, “more common”, is known unsigned, numbered A1-0000 and has several “SPECIMEN” overprints in red obliquely (2).

Numizon inventory

Our figures only indicate 12 copies referenced for the 500 type 1942 and which we present to you in detail in the table below (3):

ReferenceSourceLotPrice (4)SeriesNumberGradeSignature "Censeur" (5)
P-14aWorld Paper Money--?10216-Collat (print).
P-14aWorld Paper Money- - AC112332-Collat (print).
P-14aebay194018188340€ 3,373AD113450FCollat (print).
P-14b1Rosenberg Auktions GMB226€2,301AM121629F+Saint-Clair (stamp).
P-14b1Cabinet Numismatique Albuquerque311€1,220AO123634VF-Saint-Clair (stamp).
P-14b1Private Collection--AT128057FSaint-Clair (stamp).
P-14b1cgb.frp10_0035€1,600AT128768VF+Saint-Clair (stamp).
P-14b1Schwan-Boling- - AW134131-Saint-Clair (stamp).
P-14b2Private Collection- - AH242281-Saint-Clair (print).
P-14b2Bank Note Museum- - AH242511-Saint-Clair (print).
P-14b2Spink, Auction #1031405£1,700AJ243846VFSaint-Clair (print).
P-14b2cgb.frp10_0034€3,856AK244723XFSaint-Clair (print).

10 years of waiting?

Reading the table above, it will therefore have been to wait more than 10 years ... since the last probable copy offered for sale was the banknote numbered AJ2 - 43846 from the Tom Warburton collection (Spink sale, Auction # 1031 of October 2010, lot # 405). In addition, the quotations of the 500 francs type 1942 remained for a long time absent from many reference works: we have to go back to 1995 with Schwan & Boling indicating a quotation of $ 1,250 for a G grade and $ 2,750 for a VF grade. Then 10 years later, in 2006, Mr. Kolsky oddly indicated a lower quote of € 1,200 for a copy in VF grade! Regarding the item offered on ebay on April 12, 2021, supply and demand applied by default and the result of this sale may allow us to see more clearly on the current value from 500 francs type 1942 ...


(1) Known catalog references: Pick # 14a, Kolsky # K214a, Schwan-Boling # 1237a or The Banknote Book # B218a.
(2) See the Numizon catalog card.
(3) Call for contributions: we are looking for the serial number and photos of the banknote numbered 10216! (4) The AM1 -21669 copy was offered for sale in 2000 at Rosenberg Auktions GMB at a price of 4,500 Deutsche Mark (DEM), ie at the conversion rate of approximately € 2,301.00. The A01 -23634 copy was offered for sale in 1987 at Cabinet Numismatique Albuquerque at a price of 8,000.00 francs (FRF), or at the conversion rate of approximately € 1,220.00. (5) To understand the differents types of signatures: P-14a = Halleguen / Constantin / Collat (printed signature), P-14b1 = Halleguen / Constantin / Saint-Clair (stamped signature) and P-14b2 = Halleguen / Constantin / Saint-Clair (printed signature).

Our sources

  • “World War II, Remembered” by C. Frederick Schwan & Joseph E. Boling. BNR Press, 1995 (pages 128-129).
  • “Les billets des D.O.M-T.O.M” by Maurice Kolsky, second edition. Collection “Histoire du Papier-Monnaie français”, 2006 (page 69).
  • "World War II, Military Currency" by C. Frederick Schwan & Joseph E. Boling. BNR Press, 1980.
  • “Les billets des D.O.M-T.O.M” by Maurice Kolsky, first edition. Editions L'Auréus, 1986 (page 77).
  • “Paper-Money # 10”, Auction catalog of cgb.fr. from 2007.
  • “The Tom Warburton Collection of Banknotes”, Spink catalog, Auction # 1031 of October 3, 2010 (page 75).
  • The Banknote Book “French Guiana” by Owen W. Linzmeyer (page 9).
  • Thanks to Jean-Luc Aubert and Max Di Francesco for their contribution.


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