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One banknote and ... four variants

In January 2021, an active member of Numizon (1) suggested that we study this note and more particularly the possible rarity of certain variants. We took up the challenge and here are the results today ... The 5,000 francs type 1979 (2) was issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Djibouti between 1979 and 1995. The banknote is identical to the 5,000 francs type 1975 issued by the Public Treasury for the French Territory of Afars and Issas in April 1975 but with a change of country and issuing institute. The 5,000 francs type 1979 from Djibouti is known with the following four variants:

Pick #38aw/o signature.w/o solid security thread. Solid green frame (3).
Pick #38bGovernor: Luc Aden.w/o solid security thread. Solid green frame.
Pick #38cGovernor: Luc Aden.w/ solid security thread. Solid green frame.
Pick #38dGovernor: Djama Mahamoud Haid.w/ solid security thread. Microtext frame front & back (4). Wide pearlescent stripe w/ 5000 pattern.

Numizon's inventory

Between January and April 2021, 131 banknotes of 5,000 francs type 1979 were collected (5) and distributed for each variant with a comparison of graded banknotes in the PMG Population Report :

VariantNumber of notesPMG Population Report
Pick #38a2418
Pick #38b66
Pick #38c2640
Pick #38d75144

Numizon Analysis

What is first obvious is the very low number of banknotes concerning the reference Pick # 38b representing 2 to 3% of the total of the pointed or graded banknotes. These figures should perhaps be taken with caution, since the difference between the two references Pick # 38b and Pick # 38c is only due to a ... Solid security thread! These data also allowed us to identify the series ranges for each of the variants:

VariantSmallest known numberLargest known number
Pick #38aA.1 - 22325G.2 - 00663
Pick #38bA.002 - 91686G.002 - 77229
Pick #38cK.002 - 21001G.003 - 41339
Pick #38dH.003 - 61442C.004 - 49758

For information, the 5 copies pointed out by Numizon for the reference Pick # 38b are:

  • A.002 - 91686 (in VF grade and sold in 2020 by todocoleccion),
  • B.002 - 51444 (in G grade and sold in 2021 for $ 15 on ebay),
  • F.002 - 23035 (in UNC grade and sold for € 135 by cgb.fr),
  • F.002 - 23036 (in UNC grade and sold for € 150 on eBay),
  • F.002 - 84494 (in F grade and sold for $ 38 on eBay),
  • G.002 - 77229 (in UNC grade and sold for $ 720 with the 3 other variants by Stack's Bowers in January 2021).


The reference Pick # 38b deserves your attention. We have classified this one as very rare ... Will time tell if we were right?


(1) maqeeli7
(2) Catalog references: Pick #38, The Banknote Book #B103, Leclerc-Kolsky #LK937 to #LK939.
(3) Solid green frame.
(4) Microtext frame “BANQUENATIONALEDJIBOUTI” front & back. Wide pearlescent stripe w/ 5000 pattern.
(5) The detailed list of our score will soon be available in the banknote inventory, a new service that we are currently finalizing and which will soon be available with the new interface of the Numizon website! This service will allow you to participate and enrich the inventory of world banknotes by adding your copies or your personal inventories!

Our sources

  • "Le site du Collectionneur" by Jean-Luc Buathier.
  • Bank Note Museum: "Djibouti"
  • Photos archive: Alpes Collections, Christoph Gärtner, cgb.fr, ebay, Heritage Auctions, Stack's Bowers and others.
  • "Djibouti" by Owen W. Linzmeyer.

Inventory updated September 20, 2021.

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