5000 francs Type 1918 Flameng

An exceptional banknote for the inventory!

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Everything comes to those who wait...

We therefore had to wait until this 219th news item for us to finally talk to you about the mythical 5000 francs Type 1918 Flameng (Ref. Pick # 76 or Fayette-Dessal: # F.43). The opportunity given to us at the end of 2020 is too good not to pass it on to you. The banknote you will see below is not a copy like the others. A victim of its fame and of the large number of collectors wishing to own it, whatever it costs, a copy in collection, many Flamengs have unfortunately been retouched or even mutilated to increase their market value.

This is the 518th copy to integrate the inventory of rare banknotes, but the banknote that we are presenting to you today belongs above all to the small group of exceptional banknotes, that is to say about thirty copies known from the XF grade or more! And there, we enter the other world of the banknotes collection ... Our bannote is dated January 11, 1918, numbered "S.9 - 846" and is classified in XF grade with some pinholes. We now let you discover this magnificent note ... And Happy New Year 2021!



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