5,000 francs type 1942 "French Empire"

Discover the 39th copy of the inventory of rare banknotes!

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A new copy has just been listed by the Numizon team for the inventory of rare banknotes from the 20th century! This time it is a magnificent 5,000 franc note type 1942 "French Empire" (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.47.07 or Pick: # 103b). The note is in XF grade, one of the most beautiful listed. This copy is numbered "H.153-084" and is dated "J.27=4=1944.J".



Without doubt the favorite banknote of collectors

This note was created on March 5, 1942 and issued between June 5, 1945 and January 30, 1948. The denomination is printed in polychromy front / back with a dominant blue and pink. The Type represents a total of 4,053 alphabets, or 25,000 copies per alphabet. 101,325,000 million notes were therefore theoretically printed for this reference. But with the surprise withdrawal ordered by the Minister of Finance in January 1948, it seems that the last two issues dated 28-8-1947 and 25-9-1947, were not put into circulation (2). The dimensions of this bill are 235L x 130H mm. The note was designed by French artist Clément Serveau (1886-1972) and was engraved by Camille Beltrand (1877-1951). The intaglio was produced by the engraver Jules Piel (1882-1978) and the typography by Rita Dreyfus.

The 5000 French Empire francs is without doubt one of the most beautiful banknotes in the world. Its theme on the past greatness of France and its graphic and colorful composition definitely make it the favorite note of French collectors, who mainly look for it in good quality.


Two variants of signatures

There are two variants of signatures for this banknote:

  • Signatures # 1: R. Favre-Gilly / J. Belin / P. Rousseau (alphabet 1 to 3216).
  • Signatures # 2: P. Gargam / J. Belin / P. Rousseau (alphabet 3217 to 4053).


Inventory, rating and grading

> All that remains is to add this 39th copy to the inventory of rare banknotes (1).
> The 5000 francs Type 1942 (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.47.07 or Pick: # 103b) is listed for € 60 in VG grade, € 120 in F grade, € 230 in VF grade, € 450 in XF grade and 800 € in AU grade (3).
> Only 2 copies are listed in the PMG Population Report: the first copy is graded PMG 53 and the second is graded PMG 55.


(1) Fayette editions website: inventory of rare banknotes for the Type.
(2) "Les billets de la Banque de France et du Trésor, 1800-2002", 2007 edition by Mr. Claude Fayette (cf. Note on page 322). Only in French.
(3) "La cote des billets", 2019 edition by MM. Claude Fayette and Jean-Marc Dessal (cf. pages 282-286). French/English texts.


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