5,000,000 graded notes at PMG!

15th anniversary of the world's first grading company.

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15 years and 5 million graded notes ... in 2020!

This new year will be a year of excellence with a score of 20/20 for the famous grading company Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®). The first grading company in the world celebrates its 15 years of existence and announces at the same time that it will soon surpass the 5 million graded notes! To mark the occasion, a special “15th anniversary” label will be available on all graded notes for all depositors at no additional cost but for a limited time.

PMG, recognized global expertise.

  • Independence and discretion: a team of 20 permanent professionals working with total impartiality. They do not buy or sell banknotes commercially and have no contact with depositors.
  • The high quality of slabs: PMG encapsulates certified banknotes in a plastic support designed and tested for long-term storage. This support is accompanied by a precise banknote information label with its catalog number, grade and PMG certification number.
  • Permanent verification: all banknotes certified by PMG can be viewed free of charge on PMGnotes.com/verify with their certification number and the visuals are available for more than 3 million copies.
  • Guaranteed confidence: all depositors systematically have recourse in the rare cases where PMG has made a certification error. This guarantee of authenticity, expertise and quality also brings total confidence between collectors and resellers. PMG certified banknotes are therefore easier to buy and sell and often carry much higher prices than ungraded banknotes!

At the start of this new year, PMG has now certified more than 4.7 million banknotes, including several major paper money rarities. The company recalls that in 2015, the year of its 10 years, 1 million banknotes had already been graded by its services. In five years, the number of certified notes has therefore multiplied by 5!

Today, PMG has become essential in the global grading landscape and these results are not happen by accident. The entire Numizon team wishes the young “Paper Money Guaranty” a happy birthday and gives her a "rendez-vous" in 2025 with ... 25 million PMG certified notes?

Some beautiful PMG certified notes in the Numizon catalog

In its article, PMG presents some rare and emblematic banknotes from the paper money collection as an illustration. For your viewing pleasure, Numizon invites you to discover another selection of PMG certified banknotes that we are fortunate to have already in the catalog ... or soon in the catalog!


Guadeloupe. Specimen of 1000 francs Type 1942 (US) large format, unsigned, numbered "0000/0000", with 3 red stamps "SPECIMEN" diagonally on the front and 2 red stamps "SPECIMEN" on the back. See the Numizon catalog sheet.


French Equatorial Africa. General Government of the A.E.F. (1940). Specimen of the 1,000 francs cash voucher, October 25, 1940, "Series W - No. 99986". Heritage Auctions 2018 sale. See the Numizon catalog file.


Djibouti. Bank of Indochina. Specimen of 500 frs Type 1927 Djibouti, undated, unsigned, unnumbered and without territory name, perforated "SPECIMEN" vertically to the right. This banknote is not yet listed in the Numizon catalog.


French Indochina. Bank of Indochina. 20 Dollars / 20 Piastres Haïphong red Type 1876 modified, printed date September 13, 1898, numbered “K.24-565”. This very rare note is not yet listed in the Numizon catalog.


France. Bank of France. 500 Nouveaux Francs Molière Type 1959 (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.60.05 or Pick: # 145a), dated 05-09-1963 and numbered "U.11-70761". This banknote is the most beautiful graduate in the PMG population Report! See the Numizon catalog sheet.

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