A curious 1,000 dinara type 1990 banknote

A test note, fault or error?

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A collector has given us a curious banknote to appraise! This is a copy of 1,000 dinara yype 1990 "Unissued" (Ref. Pick: # 101B or Barac: # Y108). Its dimensions are 145 x 75 mm. The banknote was designed with eight other denominations (1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 5,000 dinara) for a series devoted to monuments to the glory of the Yugoslav Partisans and Marshal Tito. This series was produced in 1990 by the Zavod za Izradu Novčanica i Kovanog print shop in Belgrade (ZINKB), but will remain unissued for reasons unknown to us.


Banknote description

It is printed in front and back colors. On the front, a security background made up of abstract graphic shapes are nested between them. Right, a bust portrait of President Tito in military costume posing next to a fire symbolizing part of the emblem of Yugoslavia with the six torches burning in the same flame, surrounded by wheat with a red star at the top ... Figure that we find complete and in reduction on the left of the bill. The number value is repeated three times. The note has no date, no numbering, and no watermark!

A fault banknote or an error?

It is when we observe the back that we notice that it does not correspond at all to the original back (see comparison below):


Below, the original back of the 1,000 dinara type 1990:


Our findings after an in-depth study of the note:

  1. A piece from the back of 100 dinara type 1990 is printed overprinted on the left.
  2. In the center of the back, the monument entitled “Broken wing” or “Interrupted flight” is missing, a large stone sculpture installed in the Sumarice memorial park near Kragujevac in Serbia (see photo).
  3. Part of the front of 100 dinara type 1990 is printed this time on the right in overprinting.
  4. On the front, part of the 5,000 dinara type 1990 is printed upside down on the left.
  5. Other oddities are visible such as the numbers "1, 5 or 50", which can be found scattered all over the note!

Finally, the only original element still present on the wrong side is the map of Yugoslavia materialized in the center by a multitude of small pink five-pointed stars.




The presence of an incredible number of errors recorded on the same banknote and the overlapping of several parts of other notes challenged us. We carried out multiple searches and we found only one precedent ... dated from the year 2002! This is an article (only in french) by Mr. Daniel Denis in the PM Magazine #17 of the french AFEP association. On page 15, the banknote is mentioned by the author as a test print! The colnect.com website specifies however that "the authenticity of this series of commemorative notes seems doubtful! Most experts are certain that these notes are privately made! ". Could the 1,000 dinara be just a simple voluntary or involuntary manufacturing error? For these multiple questions, we therefore appeal to collectors who could help us to elucidate this mystery. Thank you in advance for your responses to be addressed to: contact@numizon.fr.

FYI, some banknotes seen for sale or sold for the 1,000 dinara type 1990 Unissued:

  • a copy was sold for $ 700.00 during the Green Apple Auction on December 16, 2017 (lot : #599),
  • a second note sold for € 340.00 on the catawiki website (see below),
  • a third note is currently on sale on ebay for $ 595.00 (lot : #264065095133).


Banknotes from the Yugoslavia are not yet listed in the Numizon catalog!

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