On October 8, 2019, at Paper Money Worldwide, Christoph Gärtner # 45. Auktion, a banknote of 500 francs type 1927 of the Bank of Martinique (1) has achieved the price of € 6,200.00 (without fees) for a starting price of € 2,400.00! It is a remarkable specimen perforated "SPECIMEN" in vertical right and perforated "CANCELLED" in vertical on the left.


On the note card in the Numizon catalog, we do not specify specimens or proofs known for the Type! It is also not mentioned in the reference books (Pick, Kolsky or The banknote book). It is undoubtedly the first copy in specimen that we are thus given to see! The fact that the note was chosen to illustrate the cover of the paper catalog probably also played a little on the result of the sale.

(1) References: Pick: #14s, TBB: #BDM B18 or Kolsky: #315.


(1) Known references: Pick: # 14s, TBB: # BDM B18 or Kolsky: # 315.

(1) References: Pick: #14s, TBB: #BDM B18 or Kolsky: #315.