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A rarity from the blue series

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If you are passionate about collecting Algerian banknotes, you will be interested in the auction at Lynknight on July 29, 2022. This event was an opportunity to break your piggy bank!

2 banknotes of 100 francs, blue series were sold. The first from 1903 with the first combination of signatures and another from 1907 with the second combination of signatures.

Note that the results exceeded the estimates:


This is the first time we see a 100 francs with the first combination of signatures. It is not surprising that the results reached such a price. Bank of Algeria banknotes are often requested by collectors.

This is an opportunity for Numizon to make a study on this note.

There are 4 combinations of signatures and each bears the year of edition:


The book Les billets bleus de la banque de l'Algérie tome II de la Maison Palombo" is a very nice book that you must have in your library if you collect the banknotes of Algeria. It lists all the dates from 1870 to 1925. However, no 1903 100 Francs banknote is listed. Is this the first one?

If you own this book, you can add information about this banknote yourself via the boxes that the author has provided for this purpose. You just have to add: 12/02/1903 V.115/740.

The Palombo House also announces that there would have been banknotes issued in 1904. So because of this V.115 note of 1903, the 1904 banknotes would be between the alphabet 116 and 123. If you know of the existence of a 100 franc banknote between these 2 alphabets, let us know! We can't wait to know if it is from 1903 or 1904 ! ( contact us by mail or by putting a comment on this article )

If you have the opportunity to acquire a 1903 or 1907 banknote, do not hesitate ! It is a good investment.

On our site, we have 35 banknotes of 100 francs "without Algiers" listed.

Here is the distribution by year:

Year35 banknotes referenced on

Thanks to all our archives, and after verification with the book of the House Palombo, we have extended our study to all the banknotes of the blue series. You will find in this table the result. The stars represent the degree of rarity.


If you have a banknote that is not in this table, write us so we can correct it.

If you have read this article until here, it means that you like notes of Algeria, an exciting area for collecting.

We wish you a nice day and future great finds!

See you soon.


Fondeur of Numizon


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