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On February 11, 2022, the auction house offered a selection of New Banknotes: WORLD AND FRENCH BANKNOTES for immediate purchase. Among these banknotes was a series of 19 rare Algerian banknotes, including 9 banknotes of 20 francs type 1912 (Pick 78a), 3 banknotes of 50 francs "Green" type 1912 (Pick 80a), 3 banknotes of 100 francs "Purple" type 1920 (Pick 81a), 1 banknote of 500 francs type 1874 "Blue w/o Algiers" (Pick 75e) and 3 banknotes of 1,000 francs type 1875 "Blue w/o Algiers" (Pick 76).

It is quite surprising that these banknotes were offered at a fixed price. There is no doubt that these 19 notes would have achieved very good prices during a Live auction ... 6 banknotes are still available for purchase for latecomers, but the most beautiful and rarest copies left in the first minutes of the sale !

For greater clarity, all these notes will be the subject of a separate news item on Numizon. To begin, let's take the case of the 50 green francs type 1912 (Pick 80a). The 3 banknotes sold at are from the first variant of Moyse/Biron signatures. They are all dated July 5, 1920 and in XF quality grade:

  • Z.236-582 in XF grade and sold at € 350,00,
  • Z.236-588 in XF- grade and sold at € 300,00,
  • Z.236-590 in XF grade and sold for € 350,00.

You have to go back to 2011 during the Paper-Money # 18 sale to find 3 banknotes offered simultaneously for sale (lots p18_0166, p18_0167 et p18_0168).

These are also the first examples of this quality that we come across!

This reference (Pick 80a) was only printed in 1920 and 1921. Our score (see table below) lists 18 banknotes including 15 banknotes for the year 1920 and 3 banknotes for the year 1921.

If you have copies, do not hesitate to share them by adding them to the Numizon inventory of the 50 francs "Green" type 1912.

ReferenceSeriesNumberDateGradePriceSellerLotSale date
P-80aL.8248103-01-1920F€ 150,00cgb.fr43401922019
P-80aL.11430310-02-1920F+€ 80,00cgb.frp18_01662011
P-80aG.13415404-03-1920F+€ 68,00cgb.frp18_01672011
P-80aS.20269926-05-1920F€ 160,00eBay1939952289702022
P-80aX.23670905-07-1920VG€ 135,00eBay1939952186262022
P-80aZ.23658205-07-1920XF€ 350,00cgb.frb96_32032022
P-80aZ.23658805-07-1920XF-€ 300,00cgb.frb96_32042022
P-80aZ.23659005-07-1920XF€ 350,00cgb.frb96_32052022
P-80aO.24136310-07-1920F+€ 155,00cgb.fr45000502021
P-80aB.29612214-09-1920F€ 180,00eBay1647814424112022
P-80aT.30427823-09-1920VG€ 40,00cgb.frb68_00222013
P-80aC.47138211-04-1921VG-Banknote Museum--
P-80aG.51833207-06-1921F€ 100,00cgb.frp18_01682011
P-80aL.53438625-06-1921F€ 200,00eBay3538460591752022


Many collectors specializing in the French colonies will no doubt regret having missed this sale with an even greater disappointment at not having had the chance to compete at auction to acquire one of these marvels.

For those who would therefore like to catch up, know that 4 banknotes of 50 francs "Green" type 1912 are available for sale on eBay. These notes are:

  • S.202-699 dated May 26, 1920 in VG grade at € 160,00,
  • X.236-709 dated July 5, 1920 in VG grade at € 135,00,
  • B.296-122 dated September 14, 1920 in F grade at € 180,00,
  • L.534-386 dated June 25, 1921 in F grade at € 200,00 (3rd banknote known for 1921 but probably washed!).


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