Another 50 Francs "Blue with black indices"

The 18th copy known for the year 1875!

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A new copy for the 19th century! This is also (1) a 50 Francs Type 1868 “Blue with black indices” note (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.A38.09 or Pick: # 51a) which has just been listed by Numizon. The banknote is in VG grade with mainly a four fold marked on the back and a hole in the center. This copy is numbered "W.687-727" and is dated May 7, 1875. It becomes the 18th known copy for the year 1875 and the 68th banknote for the Type! (2)



Banknotes of the year 1875

Concerning the banknotes of the year 1875, this reference was issued between January 1 and December 31, ie 215 alphabets ranging from 589 to 803. The only months known for the moment are: January, April, May, July, August, September, October, November and December. The two signatures affixed to the banknote are those with The Principal Cashier, Mignot and The Secretary General, Marsaud.

Here is the Numizon inventory known to date for reference (# F.A38.09):

F.A38.09January 15, 1875G.596989G
F.A38.09 (faux)January 10, 1875V.599966G
F.A38.09January 22, 1875U.602809VF+
F.A38.09April 2, 1875J.658567F+
F.A38.09April 30, 1875T.682967VF-
F.A38.09May 7, 1875W.687727F
F.A38.09May 14, 1875H.693683F+
F.A38.09May 19, 1875P.697483VF
F.A38.09July 28, 1875Z.712065F+
F.A38.09August 13, 1875E.724929VF
F.A38.09September 17, 1875D.740354F+
F.A38.09September 21, 1875P.743209F
F.A38.09September 24, 1875L.746113VF-
F.A38.09September 30, 1875U.751086VF
F.A38.09October 28, 1875H.771771F
F.A38.09November 3, 1875U.775159VF-
F.A38.09November 27, 1875Y.789277Poor
F.A38.09December 4, 1875H.795641XF-
F.A38.09December 4, 1875H.795642XF

Analysis and fixes

While carrying out this news for the year 1875, we noted some errors in the "official" inventory:

  • The banknote numbered V.599-966 is a counterfeit note, offered for € 1,000.00 at in 2018 (lot #4240012). Note that the date January 10, 1875 was not printed, but January 9 and 11 were.
  • The banknote numbered T.682-967 is dated April 30, 1875 and not April 20, 1875. This note was sold for € 3,200.00 at in 2015 (lot #4030030).
  • The banknote numbered H.693-683 is dated May 14, 1875 and not May 1, 1875. Photo found in one of the Vannier sales catalogs.
  • The banknote numbered H.771-771 is dated October 28, 1875 and not October 20, 1875, the latter date not having been printed.
  • We have added a copy at the end of our inventory. This is the banknote numbered H.795-642 in XF grade, offered at FRF 35,000 (€ 5,335.00) by the Auréus, Papier-Monnaie catalog N ° 1 from 1986-1987 (lot # 425). It is currently the most beautiful banknote known for the year 1875.


(1) Read our previous news of January 8, 2020 about this banknote: A new 50 Francs Type 1868 "Blue with black indices" and our article of December 14, 2020: 50 francs Type 1868 "Blue with black indices".
(2) The official inventory currently has 58 copies, but another specialist in 19th century banknotes, Mr. Christophe Perrot, has 68 copies for the 50 Francs Type 1868 “Blue with black indices”.

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