The RCFTO banknotes always give us surprises. Let's go back a bit ... On Wednesday, October 3, 2018 was held the sale Spink Auction # 18050, The Ibrahim Salem Collection of World Banknotes. During this sale, a 100 francs Type 1923 from the Franco-Belgian Railways Administration in Occupied German Territory (R.C.F.T.O) with number A1-063,131 was sold at a bargain price of £1,200 (Lot # 457) below:


This is especially the most beautiful banknote
, classified in AU grade with slab PCGS New 61, out of the 6 copies known to date in runable (see inventory below).

  1. A.1 023.483
  2. A.1 049,587
  3. A.1 063.131
  4. A.2 133.092
  5. A.2 153.535
  6. A.2 139.988

The RCFTO banknotes score currently includes 2529 copies, details of which can be found on Yann-Noël Hénon's FBOW website (